Rough Night

April 19, 2009 — 2 Comments

Last night was rough for both Chris and I. Mostly for Chris. Kendra decided after sleeping for 2.5 hours that it was time to be up and play. Chris and I decided on our way home from church that we would fold laundry and watch a movie together. We haven’t watched a movie together in a LONG time. We were reaching the end of Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End when Kendra decided it was time to wake up. We aren’t sure if the movie woke her up or if she had bad dreams. So from 11:30 at night till about 4 am we took turns conforting her and putting her back into bed. She slept on and off. I tucked her in last at 2 am. At some point she climbed into bed with Chris and I, neither of us is sure when she came in or how long she had been there. Which scares me becasue at any time we could have rolled over on to her but of course God kept watch over us. Around 4 am she woke up screaming in Chris’ face about bees. Chris got her calmed down she rolled over looked at me and started screaming again. Chris took her into her room and turned on the light to wake her up thinking that she was asleep. While she was in there she told him that there weren’t bees in her room and she wanted to go back to sleep in her bed. This gave us 4 straight hours of sleep before both her and Ephriam were up for the day. Please pray that we get rid of the ‘bee’ problem and get a good night’s sleep tonight. She has to be exhaused since she didn’t nap yesterday and didn’t sleep well last night. We are hoping for a good day today with out too many melt downs or much whinning. Especially since tonight is Family Night. Hopefully I will have a post up before I go to bed, pending we have a good day today. I will let you know either way before bed though. For now it is time to play with the kids.




2 responses to Rough Night

  1. You are absolutely AMAZING (I know, God gets the glory, but you ARE amazing). That you can sleep crappy like this, put on such fun, cool family stuff, and even keep up with the blog. Not to mention work, and school too! How many hats do you wear, girlfriend!?

  2. Anjali:

    Thanks for your encouragement! I am not sure how many hats I wear but a lot. You do too. I mean I read your last post about a typical day and you don’t even get to eat! The fun part of Family Night was already planned and mostly ready to go, that is why we waited a month to start them. I wanted to make sure they were fun. Well it is way late and time for bed, but thanks for your comments!


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