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April 6, 2009 — 2 Comments

This cute little face here is my anti dinner eater. Yep she eats me out of house and home all day till dinner time. Then she sings, makes ‘art’ out of her food, or plain never touches it.  Lets take today for example for breakfast she had 2 scrambled eggs, toast, 1 and half medium size bananas, and a glass of milk. Lunch 4 chicken nuggets, half an orange and raisins. While Ephriam was doing speech therapy she had 2 handfuls of animal crackers. She had water to drink through lunch and therapy. After her “nap” she had a George snack (or one package of fruit snacks shaped liked Curious George). Then we hit dinner and she ate 4 skinny celery sticks and 3 small bits of her cheesesteak sandwich. Yep, this is a typical day other then usually at around 11 she gets to have pretezels rods so that we can avoid a MASSIVE meltdown. She is then up at 7 am wanting to eat.

I hate to have to cook something different just because she doesn’t like what we are having. However tonight I felt sorry for her grumbling tummy and gave in to more celery, apples, string cheese, and of course peanut butter for her to dip both her celery and apples in. She ate most everything, left a few apples so that she could just use her fingers to eat the peanut butter. I have been trying for a long time now to not feed her anything else but most nights she is crabby and some nights down right unbearable till bed time. The morning is the same unless I jump right up out of bed and fix her something to eat. She is like a totally different kid after breakfast.

So I guess the question is what do you do? Do I feed her something even if she doesn’t eat what I have already made? Or do I let her continue to go hungry? My heart says to feed her but how to I do that with out cooking a different meal?  Should I just go ahead and make a PB and J sandwich for her? I know that she likes to eat fruits and veggies but really lacks in eating meat. Not that I am too concerned because she eats her weight in peanut butter every day.

So mom’s out there what do you do about your child not eating what you cook?



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  1. First we try not to short order cook for the kids. We finally got our oldest eating meat by putting honey on his plate for him to dip the meat into it. Our other non eater, we just keep trying -ketcup, sweet and sour, etc. If she likes peanut butter, why not put it on the meat and see if she will eat it that way. Or provide dipping sauces – ranch, mustard, something that she likes. There is a book “Child of Mine” I think is the title about child feeding and eating. One thing that stuck with me is that as the parent our job is to provide the healthy meals and it is the child’s job to know when and how much to eat. She might just need to have her dinner earlier than the rest of the family. My almost 3 yr old is happiest when we eat right at 5, if it is later, then we run into trouble.

    good luck.


  2. This is what I do with Luke because some nights he eats what we eat and other nights he doesn’t. I refuse to cook a separate meal for him and I have stuck to this. I read in a book that you should have at least one thing on the plate that you know the child likes that way they eat something. If Luke doesn’t eat his dinner (and he is not sick) he can either have a fruit like a banana, applesauce or veggie but no dessert and no yogurt (his favorite) so I know at least he is getting a little something healthy and a little something in his tummy. They won’t waste away and if they are really hungry they will eat what you put in front of them. Dr. Co said to go by what kids eat over a 2 day period so if they get all 4 food groups within 2 days this is good. If you start the separate meal thing this will stick and you’ll be doing it all the time….

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