Family Night- May Flowers

May 4, 2009 — 2 Comments

So maybe you were able to guess that tonight’s Family Night was May Flowers from yesterday’s Family Night Post. Tonight was a lot of fun and very relaxing. I guess I really just like spending time the 4 of us in whatever we may be doing. Family Night is not just about what we are doing but doing it it together. Chris and I also hope to teach the kids some sort of lesson. Tonight’s was gardening. Last weeks about the rain. Next week is all about extended family (probably a ton and half of pictures from that one). So here we go:  May Flowers!

Of course Kendra’s favorite part, the ceiling fan decorations. All different sorts of flowers!

Another sheet table cloth! Of course with flowers!

This was my attempted to make grilled cheese look like flowers. I took a daisy flower cookie cutter and use it to cut the grilled cheese. Neither of the kids knew what it was when I showed them but I thought it was a pretty good attempt.

To drink of course lemonade nectar.

Here is desert! Kendra kept asking for pudding for desert so Chris was quick on his feet to like to make dirt cups out of them! Ephriam happened to have a gummy worm from Easter that we cut in half for the kids. Chris and I ate ours with out a worm.

Here is part of what we did for the night. Of course it just looks like mud but we actually planted flower seeds. Kendra dropped quit a few of the small seeds so I may end up with flowers in places I didn’t want them but oh well. We will see if they even grow!

After we were done planting the seeds we went on to help Chris work in the garden. He expanded it and dug up the weeds from last year but here are some things that we have found:

A grub!

Lots of Earth worms. You ought to be impressed of Kendra holding the worm. She has nightmares about ants and bees. She is such a girl!

Lastly a piece of a root from a tree that used to live in our yard.

So how about you? What are your Family Nights like? Leave a comment and link to your blog to let me know!


PS I thought that I would share what we have growing for our garden: so far we have see corn, tomatoes, and sunflowers. We haven’t seen green beans or squash yet but it has only been one week.

Here are the sunflower, green beans, and squash. What you see are the sunflowers.

Here is some of the corn. As you can see Kendra put 2 corn seeds in one pot. And possibly none in one.

Here is the rest of the corn. If you look in the upper left hand corner you will see the tomato plants.



2 responses to Family Night- May Flowers

  1. I like your daisy grilled cheese!

  2. SO great. ANd the sandwich… I never thought about that. Love it. H

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