Family Night- Pajama Party

May 27, 2009 — Leave a comment

Kendra had been talking about our last family night for a while so I thought it was time to do another one since I was off this weekend. So here we go:

Our decorations. Ephriam was up from his nap when I brought them upstairs to hang and he was totally pumped.

The table cloth. Ephriam got to put the stars on the table.

Ephriam in his PJ’s

Kendra in her PJ’s

How your picture comes out when you ask your 2 yr old to take it.

How it turns out when you take it yourself. (okay so Chris took the picture but it turned out better then Kendra’s attempt).

Kendra’s second attempt. Better but still not so hot.

Getting ready to make their own pizzas!

Their finished pizza!

Chris and I finished pizzas. Can you guess whos is whos?

Time to Eat them!

And for dessert: Aunt Cindy’s Dream Dessert.

Now watch Ephriam eat his:

Do you think he liked it?

Here is Sissy with hers I think she enjoyed it too!

Here is what we did after dinner:

Chris’ view of the movie.

Kendra sugglin’ up with me.

Ephriam sugglin’ with Chris.

The after mess:

Chris and the kids’ shared popcorn. I however didn’t want popcorn and made myself a fruit and yogurt parfait with some granola. Kendra kept picking the granola off the yogurt so I gave her just a bowl of granola. For several days now she has asked for more ‘nola. Needless to say after this mess I make her eat it at the table.

So tell me what did you do for Family Night?




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