Gatlinburg Day 2(part 1 of 2)

May 21, 2009 — Leave a comment

We started our morning off slow. We got ready and headed down to the strip.

Kendra in Aunt Heather’s hair curlers.

Luke’s Ready!

Uncle Mark and Ephriam walking down to the strip.

Luke in his stroller.

A bird that we saw while we were out.

A Beautiful picture of Chris’ parents.

That my friends is triple trouble. How cute though!

The gang visiting Fort Fun with out a thunderstorm!

Grandpa and Ephriam pausing for a snack.

Then naptime came and all the kids but K.C. took naps. I was hoping in seperating Ephriam and Kendra that she would nap but he did and she didn’t.

While Ephriam was sleeping we all were playing this:

After nap time Uncle Mike and Aunt Star arrived and took us up to the school house and the Walker Sisters Cabin.

Here is the school house that the Walker Sister’s attended school.

Here is the sign that says my father in law was there! LOL.

Here are all of us that went on the hike minus Aunt Star since she is taking the picture.

I know this one is kinda dark but it is Aunt Star, Mark, and Matt. Headed to the Cabin.

*Note: This was a 1.1 mile hike one direction and yes Ephriam walked all that way only holding on to Daddy or Mommy’s hand (just so we could keep him out of the poision ivy)*

Here is a picture of 3 generations of Walkers together.

My attempted at getting a picture of the stream. Yes I said attempt!

We made it!

The Cabin.

The inside of the spring house. Most of us have refrigs to keep things cold but this is how the Walker Sisters keep cheese, milk, and meat cold.

The tool shed.

This is where their garden used to be.

The fireplace in the main living area.

This is Ephriam and Mark. Note how low the ceiling is to Mark’s head.

Here is the kitchen fireplace or where they would have cooked.

The kitchen shelves.

Chris and Kendra checking the place out.

The upstairs. I am glad this picture turned out because it was really a shot in the dark.

The ladder I had to climb down to get back to the main floor.

Having a snack while it rained.

A group shot at the cabin, again minus Aunt Star who is taking the photo.

Again another dark shot but here is Mark and Uncle Mike walking back to the car.

We ended up getting rained on the last part of the hike but it wasn’t too bad. Then we went back for dinner. Watch the next post for the rest of the evening.

I know you are wondering if there is a connection between the Walker Sisters and Chris’ family and I would be glad to tell you that there is! The Walker Sisters’ great grandfather would be Chris’ 4 or 5th great grandfather and Ephriam and Kendra’s 5-6 great grandfather.



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