Jon and Kate Plus 8

May 29, 2009 — Leave a comment

* I would have like to just like to call this Jon and Kate since it is about just them and not the 8 but since most pleople know them by the title of the TV show I went with that*

I really feel weird typing this out but ever since I watched the end of their season one episode I can’t stop thinking about them. No I am not some crazy psycho fan or anything. I enjoy watching them but at this point since things are on the rocks with Jon and Kate, I really think that they need to get out of the spot light. Now I know that there maybe underlying issues with money and all that but I totally believe that they can save their marriage. I even believe that if it is THEIR together choice to stay in the spotlight they they can still work it out. I think they can beat the odds that are against them. THEY have to want to do it. And I believe with what Motherhood Uncensored says in her post:  about not just doing it for the kids but for themselves.  Not that the kids don’t matter because they do but Jon and Kate also matter. I totally believe that they can get through this and it will make their marriage stronger. I am sorry for them that it has to be in the spotlight and with the rest of the world watching but I belive they can do it.

I also totally belive Jon when he said that he didn’t have an affair but made some really stupid mistakes. And yes one day when his kids google him they will find things that he doesn’t want  them to know or see but I hope that they believe him.

So Jon and Kate: Here is to what is best for not only your kids but also for you. I have been praying for you because I would be disappointed if you couldn’t work it out and lots of prayer never hurt anyone. You have made it through some really tough times and I think you can make it through more.  God wouldn’t have put you together if he didn’t think that you couldn’t do it.  I believe that through God all things are possible. You have proved that over and over. You can do it.



*No I will not blog about this all the time. Just was weighing heavy on my heart and needed to get it out. I don’t expect anyone to agree or disagree. This here was me sharing with you my personal feelings. I hope that in any situation like this that people work it out, not just Jon and Kate, they just happen to be names I know.*



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