This Month Never Ends

May 8, 2009 — Leave a comment

The month of May seems like it goes on forever. I feel like I am going from one event to another. This week and all of next week I don’t have a complete 24 hours at home. From therapy, to mini family runions, to school, to church, and the regular runnings of the house. I like being busy but sometimes I feel like May is too busy.

Ephriam’s school year is wrapping up and I looking forward to having him at home. I am looking forward to working with him more and seeing his improvement here at home. I still think that school is one of the best things that I have done for him. I will still be in school throught the summer though. I am enjoying taking the Women’s Writers class that I am currently taking. I really enjoy having the opportunity to read some works by people that I normally wouldn’t have thought to read.  Chris also say that my writing has improved a lot since the last time he read one of  my papers.

Both Kendra and Ephriam have been getting restless inside and are wanting to go outside. Lately though it has either been raining outside or has been on the chilly side to be outside. I am hoping this summer to be able to take them out more often. I can’t wait to set up the swimming pool and be able to go swimming every day if want.

This  up coming week we have Ephriam’s part of the psych eval so that we can get him the best help he needs. We also will be having a mini family reunion coming up this weekend. When that is over on Monday we are back to therapy, me working, Kendra hopefully getting her cast off, more of me working, small group, and church. Hopefully on Memorial Day we can stay home.

This past week has been Family Night, school, work, parent- teacher confrence, small group (which got cancelled), back to work, and Mother’s Day.

For now I am headed to bed. Tomorrow we will be doing some shoe shopping for Kendra. She has been getting blisters on her little toe because her shoes are too small for her. Hopefully we can find something cute for cheap. We will see.  My bed is calling my name. Nite.



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