Worst Week?

May 3, 2009 — 1 Comment

I have to say this past week has been one of the worst for me in a long time. I just had string of bad luck. It started out pretty good, okay the first part of last Sunday, but all went down hill. It started out by me weeding out my flower bed and finding this:

Then the kids and I planted our veggie seeds for our garden:

This is all the seeds we bought but we haven’t planted the flower seeds. We did plant the Lily of the Valley though.

Filling up ‘cups’ up with dirt

Most of the cups filled.

I must have gotten distracted because I stopped taking pictures but we ended up with 16 corn, 2 tomatoes, 2 stringless green beans, 2 summer squash, and 2 sunflowers. All for my what was suppose to be little garden. However I can’t wait to eat all of our good veggies and use the sunflower seeds for bird feeders in the fall.

Then this happened:

Kendra thought that she could jump off the front porch. Not sure what prompted her to do this since she still wants to hold your hand when going down the stairs but she ended up falling and breaking her arm. I do have to say that I was very happy with Children’s Liberty Campus ER. We were only gone for 2 hours. This happens to be pictures of her splint. I don’t have pictures of her cast because of this:

We were on our way to get her cast and it had just rained and I was unable to stop in time and rear ended a car that then rear ended another. Right now the van in the shop getting fixed. Luckily everyone who was involved was fine including Kendra. I still have some pain from ‘bracing myself’ for the collision. This would be the first time I hit anyone, ever, and has scared me quite a bit. I really dislike driving but do it because I have to. I dislike it the most when my kids are with me. However I hear it is like riding a bike. You just have to get back on. It will get better with time too, I guess.

I know that I am more careful driving but I also know that this incident has taught me more about God and has caused me to GROW. I feel like I have seen my life fly before my very eyes.  I am been not wanting to go far from Chris and the kids (well as long as Chris is driving or we aren’t in a car. Like I said, I don’t like to drive the kids around right now).  I feel that I have a different kind of apprecication for my kids. Not that I didn’t love and care for them before but I feel like I take more time to love on them and play with them.  I guess more with Kendra too because she was in the car and I could have (yes I know I didn’t) hurt her. I certainly don’t want to do anything to hurt my children. I know that I will do things that they don’t like of course and they will feel like I hurt them but of course I will hope they will grow from it. Anyways I feel different now then I did before the accident.

So that is why I haven’t blogged this week. I have been dealing with therapy, cast, car accidents, and all the usual stuff around here. The next couple of weeks we won’t be home for an entire day but hopefully there won’t be as much excitement as last.




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