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June 2, 2009 — 1 Comment

So as I posted this morning I would update you on my savings this time at the grocery store. I am pleased to tell you that I saved a little over 20 dollars! I got A LOT of things for next to nothing and a few things for FREE! I also wanted to let you know that before I saved my 20 dollars that I my bill was over 60 dollars! This means that I saved 25% off my bill! So now if I wasn’t before I am now a firm believer in using coupons! So far some of the places that I have looked to save is at the following:

Bargain Briana– I like this one because it told me what coupons to use with what was on sale at the store.

The “Cent” sible Sawyer is also a good for this too.

So those are the ones that helped me to save my 20 dollars but I have yet to check out the following:

Southern Savers

Money Saving Moms

Coupon Mom

Deal Seeking Mom

A Full

and my newest one to check out is Mommy Coupons this one of course is thanks to my sister in law, Heather.

I tired to use and print some coupons but I was having printing problems today and didn’t end up being able to. However I am hoping to next time.

In all the money I saved I also have things to give away! For example I had a buy one get one free coupon off of Lysol’s Neutrair and they were already buy one get one free at the store so I got 4 cans for the price of one! So the Healing Center at church will be getting more from us!  I love being able to give stuff away!

So watch next week for my savings! Don’t worry if I start saving about the same amount every time I won’t be posting it but right now it is a new adventure and a new area of GROWTH for me!




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  1. I love that we can use coupons and get free stuff or stuff that costs little to nothing and be able to give it all away to someone who needs it more than we do.

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