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Okay so I have never really done the coupon thing. I thought that they were a waste of time and effort and the you can just get the off brand cheaper even with the coupon. Well that was until I found out that other moms out there are save HALF or more of their grocery bill.  So I have gotten into cutting them the past couple of weeks to see if I could get a good deal or not. My first week out I saved 3.20! Okay I know that isn’t a lot to most of you but it is a lot for me on my first week. This week however, I have used a few websites out to help me. I am headed out this morning to see what I can save. I will keep you posted and will post the websites that I have been using. I know that there are places that you can pay to do this: Like the grocery game but there are free sites too. Moms who just enjoy being frugal and share their knowledge with everyone. This has also lead to finding new free things too. I should be recieving a coupon in the mail for free chocolate and I got a coupon for free sugar when buying Kool aide! So here we go.. I hope that I can help others like me out there who know nothing about how to do this. I will get there one day. Just wait!



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  1. I started really using coupons when Luke was a baby for diapers, formula, baby food, etc. then have branched off to other things. Many times the store brand is still cheaper but if the store brand is already on sale and you use a coupon you can really do well. Plus, stores like Kroger offer triple coupons sometimes and that is fun to see the savings. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t buy anything unless it is on sale or I have a coupon and where you can really save is when it is already on sale and you have a coupon like last week at Kroger Oscar Meyer hot dogs were 2 for $3 and I have a $1.00 off 2 hot dog coupon so got them for $1.00 each!

    I have just started using this site:

    Also, another tip is that if you know you are going to buy a certain brand name item like Desitin or Tylenol or whatever go to their website and most brands have coupons on their site.

    These are things that I have found…also if you go to Aldi for canned goods, baking supplies and snacks, they are really inexpensive! It is alot of work, but it can be fun too!

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