Jeremiah Ch 12

June 5, 2009 — Leave a comment

Yesterday, 6/4, Chris and I read Jeremiah Chapter 12. So far this is the most meat that I have gotten on Jeremiah. I could totally relate to Jeremiah in the first 4 verus. It is here that Jeremiah complains to God about how it isn’t fair that the people who are not following God’s law seem to have it easy and how because he is true to God it is harder.

I can relate to him because I feel that way sometimes. I feel like “look God, I am trying hear but it really feels link a huge up hill battle and I am not getting anywhere, actually, I am being pulled down further.”

God replies to him and tells Jeremiah that if you think this is hard just wait till later. That this now is nothing compared to what he is going to have to face later on.  That God is just preparing us for the bigger battle.

I just know that things will get better but never easier for trying to follow in Christ footstep are huge shoes to fill. I know that everyday I fail. But when I feel that I am getting to the top then God throws something else for me work at that seems hard at the time, but looking back when it is over was easier then the next battle.

I think too that this shows that we can complain to God but he is going to give us the push that we need to over come what obstacles are in our way.



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