When things settle down…

July 19, 2009 — 1 Comment

I keep saying that they will but they haven’t, they continue to be choas. I keep thinking that if only I could spend a full 24 hours at home. Wouldn’t that be nice? This is how my past week has gone:

Sunday: spent the day int t-town and drove back home.

Monday: Took Ephriam to both OT and speech therapy then off to class then back home.

Tuesday: Story time at the Library. Then Lunch with Chris’ mom.

Wednesday: Work

Thursday: Sleep, then grocery store, and watch church over the internet.

Friday: Kids to eye doctors and work

Saturday:  Sleep then work.

Sunday: Church, Sam’s Club, and hopefully some sleep in there.

This brings back to  Monday more therapy and class. Part of me can’t wait till the kids go to school but still then I have to take them and pick them up. We will see what will happen.

It isn’t that I don’t like doing all these things because everyday there is something to look forward to for the day but sometimes my body just wants a break. To just stay at home for a little while. I know I say this now and when winter rolls around I will be tired of being locked in the house because I hate the cold weather. But right now a week in my PJ’s is sounding good.

There is so much to look forward to. Trips to the zoo, a little girl turning 3, family parties, at trip to see my parents again, getting ready for school, our fall events, and before we know it Christmas will be here!

I am just hoping for a little time at home between now and then. I am sure it will come. For now let the choas continue.


PS: One day I will put up pictures for Courtney’s wedding and maybe even get my husband to post the video of Ephriam dancing away!



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  1. Sometimes when I get run down from all the events, work, etc. I just stop and think what the alternative would be: alone and bored so I just try to enjoy the madness and thank God for people in my life who invite me to things, family, friends and a job to provide and I am blessed to have them. Matt and I were just commenting on how normally after the May crazies we have a break but haven’t this year. We did have a semi-relaxing weekend this past week although we made a trip to Sams and Holly was home but nothing too crazy! Have a good week!

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