Back in a Groove

January 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

That is my hope for this week. The past few weeks have been unpredictable so I am looking forward to having more routine weeks ahead. This past week Chris worked from home twice and the kids didn’t have school for the last 2 days of the week. This week I hope that our only change is getting ready to do Christmas with my mom, dad, brother and future sister-in-law and going to a wedding. Other than that is should be more routine.

Tonight we are having Chris’ family over to celebrate Ephriam and Chris’ mom’s birthdays. We have a great menu planned and it is always fun to get together with everyone. We will miss Chris’ sister and her family as they won’t be able to join us. This also gives us the opportunity to show of Chris’ hard work in the basement. We are hoping to spend most of our time down there when we have gatherings. We will probably come upstairs to eat dinner at the table but it will be nice to just have the extra space again.

I am still in shock that my first born is FIVE! He is growing up so much before my very eyes. He is growing more and more independent of me everyday. He is doing more and more things on his own. I can’t wait to watch him grow more and more everyday. He works so hard to do certain things that sooner or later will be routine things for him. God has shown me a lot of things through him and I am sure I will learn more and more. Happy Belated Birthday my lil’ man.




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