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January 25, 2010 — Leave a comment

So this is my last week of this term at school! I am so excited! I will be able to be at home more with the kids and get some more organization done around here.

Here is a run down of what my week looks like:

Monday- kids to school, grocery store, pick up kids, lunch, Speech therapy, change clothes, class, home, dinner, set up things for next day, finally bed which won’t be probably till around midnight.

Tuesday- up early for OT, take kids to school, home to do laundry, dishes, and pick up, pick the kids up from school, lunch, nap,  playtime (maybe 30 min.), dinner, work till 7a.

Wednesday- home from work, sleep, take kids to school, sleep, pick kids up, lunch, nap, go to school, home, dinner, bed.

Thursday- take kids to school, finish up laundry and house work, pick kids up, lunch, nap, 30 min playtime, dinner, work.

Friday- home from work, sleep till noon, lunch, Ephriam’s IEP and Kindergarten transition meeting, home, dinner, work.

Saturday-sleep, lunch, sleep, dinner, work nursery at church.

Sunday-church, lunch, maybe nap?, playtime with kids while my nephew gets to come over for a visit.

The following week isn’t half as busy because there is no class for me or OT! Just school for the kids and hang out time for me.  I am so looking forward to doing more of this:

Playing with the kids.

Late to getting to the kids from school already oops!




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