Taking Back MY House

January 19, 2010 — 3 Comments

The basement is finished. The furniture has been found from under the mountain of things. Now it is time to get everything back to where it belongs and/or find a home for it. We are also getting rid of more stuff. We are giving all of it away. Things that we used at one time that we now are not. Getting rid of some baby things that we have. Getting rid of toys that are no longer played with or won’t be played with again.

I know that we started this last year and we thought that we were close do having it done when the basement flooded. However now that we have moved things around we still feel like we have a lot more to get rid of.

Tonight while Chris was watching 24 I removed almost everything that didn’t belong in our bedroom. There are still somethings to go but because the kids are in bed and I don’t want to wake them,  but there is a box waiting to go out. Sure there is still a lot more to go out but it is a start. I can’t wait till EVERYTHING has a home.

So this week since I don’t have  to work till the end of the week, I am starting to take back my house. I am slowly working on it and know that it will take Chris and I long time to get there but we will.

If you have any tips on making this process easier or organizational thing that are cheap but work well let me know. I would love to hear from you.



3 responses to Taking Back MY House

  1. Feels good, doesn’t it? We are finally getting unburied ourselves! I love plastic bins. I have them in every closet: in the bathroom to organize all of our products. I have a bin for Matt’s stuff, for nail and foot stuff, for hair stuff, makeup, etc. Under the bathroom sink I have stuff organized in bins for cleaners, first aid, etc. In the kitchen I have bins in the pantry closet organizing small items and on my lower shelves with places for plastic containers, baking stuff, etc. I use bins in my closet organizing t-shirts, pants, turtlenecks, etc. I have shoe organizers hung inside each closet door, not for shoes but for socks, underwear, etc. to free up drawer space for clothes. In Luke’s room, I have one to organize lotions, medicines, small toys, bath stuff, etc. I just bought a wrapping paper organizer to organize that stuff and freed up a drawer. It hangs in the front closet. I love big Lots, you can buy lots of cheap bins there. I also use alot of baskets, it hides clutter. Every now and then I have to go thru them and reorganize. I also have found that if I roll up shirts in drawers it uses less space and they are less wrinkely, especially in Luke’s drawers. There are great shows on HGTV also, that I’ve gotten lots of tips from. Also orgjunkie.com I can’t wait to get our shelves and organize the toys, they are driving me crazy!!! Good luck!

  2. I love Flylady.net she has so many useful tid-bits that have helped me sort out all the clutter in my house – still have a lot to go – and keeping new clutter at bay.

  3. Also, we are going to be donating some stuff to Haven House Emergency shelter in Hamilton…they are always in need of baby stuff. If you have stuff you need a place to donate, let me know and I can find out if they can use it.

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