Restful Week

February 3, 2010 — Leave a comment

Or at least I thought that it was going to be. Sunday was great by going to church and then spending the rest of the day at home. Chris and I enjoyed having our nephew Luke over. I was a little worried since it would be his first time at our house with out his  Mom and Dad but he did great.  Monday started out with a band getting the kids to school and going back an hour or so later to pick them up. Then on to the eye doctors for Kendra where we found out that her vision had changed and she has a stigmatism in both eyes. So a new pair of lenses in her glasses for her. Then on to speech therapy for Ephriam where he did awesome. I can’t believe how much he has changed and how hard he is working. I just know that one day we will be able to have a whole conversation with him. Then we went on to McDonald’s for lunch since it was already after one in the afternoon. The kids ate well and then it was time to head home. Kendra fell asleep on the way home but didn’t sleep after we got back and neither did Ephriam. Not that I expect that Ephriam to nap anymore, I mean he is five and all.  Then we had dinner and played in the basement.  On Tuesday I took the kids to school and then went to the grocery store, came back and put the groceries away, picked the kids up from school, napped and then cooked waffles for dinner.  Then the kids and I played by pretending to be different animals as we went around the house. Ephriam usually picked either a polar bear or a butterfly. Kendra picked all sorts of thing. I changed it up and would do a new animal that we didn’t do yet. Then I settle the kids down with Go, Diego, Go and an apple for a snack. Today so far has been the usual cleaning spree. I think that the kitchen looks great and am glad to have it under control. I will be working on getting the living room picked up so that I can do the same for it tomorrow. Tonight will be making heart shaped finger puppets with the kids. Kendra has been asking to do a project so I thought that since Chris will be having his small group bible study that the kids would love this. I am just hoping that through the weekend we can keep my house looking as good as it does now. We will see though.

I have been just happy to hang out at home and not have anyplace to be. Next week I won’t just be able to take the call off and stay at home. I actually will have to float out and work. I am really not looking forward to that but I have to make a pay check too and when your PTO bank is low it is what you have to do. I am hoping that things will look better in March if not I will be on the look out for another job. If you have any suggestions where I can work night shift that would be great. I don’t want to go into work any earlier then I do now.

So that is life here. Tomorrow look for pictures of our fun with Luke.




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