Saturday Night Reflections

February 6, 2010 — Leave a comment

Okay so I somewhat stole my title from Perry Noble the pastor of New Springs church in South Carolina. He usually does  a Sunday night reflections after preaching all day. I learned a lot this weekend at church. For those of you who attend the Vineyard on Sunday mornings this is a little bit of a spoiler for you so you may want to wait till after church to read but if you don’t care well then read on.

First off, I am always a fan of worship. I love that I get to sing my heart out to God and connect with him on a different level. My eyes are usually welled up with tears the whole time and I usually have to close my eyes to keep them from running all over the place. It is the part of the week where I probably feel the closest to God.  While singing tonight a few words popped out at me, Wisdom, Love, Trust, and Obey. God has all of these and calls us to have them.

I have been struggling a little bit with Ephriam moving on past Preschool next year (you can learn more here if you didn’t get an e-mail). Not that I won’t continue to do what is best for him, it just stirs up emotions that come with having a kids that has extra needs. He will be fine and so will I as long as I remember that God has given me great wisdom to take care of him and that God has greater wisdom then do I. God LOVES Ephriam more then I do and will take care of him. I have to trust that God knows how to lead us in the right direction and get Ephriam what he needs. I need to obey God’s plan for Ephriam and of course for me too.

Another word that keeps coming up lately is FREE. We are getting ready to start a new series at church called Free. I am also started reading Beth Moore’s book called “Breaking Free”. Not to mention that in Chris’ and I daily Bible reading we are reading Exodus about Moses FREEing the people from Egypt. So while I am WAITING this year I must all be FREE.

We also watched a clip from the movie RUDY. I of course thought of Ephriam. (yep if you haven’t guessed it yet that little boy has been on my mind A LOT lately).  I look at how hard Rudy worked in order to obtain a few seconds on the field and a life long dream. We also watch the internet clips for the 17 year old who had autism play the last 4:19 of a high school basketball. I can only think about how hard he worked in order to get there. Ephriam works hard too, everyday, mastering skills that to most people come easy. I am sure that Ephriam will not only get his few seconds or 4:19 but a lifetime of rewards.

Lastly, I am pretty sure that God told me that I need to start my work to stop the slave trade and help out prostitutes  here in Cincinnati. I am going to do what he told me to do and go from there. I will let you know how it turns out. It will probably be a long process. We will see what will happen.  I am still not sure where my skill as a nurse fall in this either but I am sure God is preparing me for a big ordeal. So here we go.

In the end of all of this as Dave Workman says “Who knows how God might move you.”

What is God showing you at Church?



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