Pastor’s Wife

April 8, 2010 — 1 Comment

I should really get used to that. My husband finally got cracked up side the head decided that he was feeling God calling him to be a pastor. This hence forth makes me a pastor’s wife (PW, thanks Mel). He asked me how I felt about it, and really at the time I was just excited that God finally wacked him hard enough for him to get it.  Now if you asked me I am scared to death.

He continued to ask me how I felt about all the attention I would be getting just because I was a PW. Honestly, it makes me want to crawl into a hole. Not that I don’t like people or anything like that. I really love people and want to be around them. I just feel that the attention is too much. Why? Probably because I am introverted, yes people I would rather stay at home by myself doing my own thing then to run the 5,000 place and talk to the millions of people that I do (okay so there is some stretching of the truth). I see it happen with a lot of the PW’s.  I watch it happen with the PWs at my church.

I did tell him that I will support him in all ways possible but not to expect me to be at the church with him like he is. I have my own mission in life (to rescue women and girls out of sex trade, no joke, but more later) and that this would be like his job now. Yes I will probably be at the church more since I will be able to have lunch with him and all that stuff. He will also have a more flexible schedule too. The good thing is he totally supports that.

Since his revolution on Easter Sunday I have been reading more closely the PW blogs I do read and find them slightly helpful. However, I am still scared. You know that crazy scary cool, like when you know something is right and it makes you a train wreck?

So what do you think? Could I do a good job at being a pastor’s wife?



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  1. Best advice I could ever give you is BE YOURSELF. I don’t play the piano. I don’t run the Sunday School. I’m not in the choir, but my job is to support my husband and raise my kids to follow Jesus… and that’s PLENTY. It’s a PW’s job to use the gifts God has given her to serve Christ, not the congregation. I find lots people are surprised I’m a PW unless I tell them. I have anexcellent book for you to read that I read when Jerry and I were dating. It’s called High Call High Privelege by Gail MacDonald (Gordon MacDonald’s wife). Call me anytime, sista… and if you don’t have our new # feel free to email and ask. Can’t wait to see you in May!

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