Post MRI-Waiting for Results

April 25, 2010 — 1 Comment

First off thanks to all my prayer warriors. I think that Chris, Ephriam, and I felt the angels surrounding us and causing peace within us. Thank you for storming heaven on behalf of us. I KNOW God heard you. I just can’t thank you enough.

So right now I know that the results from Ephriam’s MRI are sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for her to read them. I am not anxious or worried about what they say. I am ready to hear what they are. Really I am ready to just know that everything is fine with Ephriam, that is no matter what the results say or what are next step is, it is how God created Ephriam.

I know that you all might be wondering how the little guy did during the MRI. He was quite the patient. He did just fine with all the pretesting things. They even put a nice numbing cream on 3 spots in his arm to numb his skin for when they started his IV for the sedation. They didn’t start the IV until he was actually strapped down on the table. He was fine and enjoyed playing with his toys that we brought from home for him to keep him comfortable. Then we walked into the room with the MRI machine and it was over. He was screaming and climbing all over me and then on Chris. Chris even asked him if he wanted McDonald’s and he said NO! I guess he wasn’t falling for that trick. Once we got him on the table and strapped down he gave up his fight and settled down. He did great when they started his IV and the nursed said they hadn’t seen a kid his age be that calm before, after he got his first dose of sedation. The thought that for a minute that they weren’t going to have to give him a second dose but he would still open his eyes when they touched his eyelashes. They said that he would probably fight a little bit more with the second dose since his vein was already sensitive be he didn’t. We were able to stay with him if we wanted but the MRI machine was super loud and Ephriam was sleeping so Chris and I decided we would go out and get a snack since I had been up since Thursday afternoon. When he hit the recovery room we were able to join him. The nice thing about Childrens is that he went to the surgery recovery room. While he slept we got to chat with his nurse and finally after what seemed like an eternity a baby cried and woke him up. He was very much still drowsy but was excited to see his new horse duffel bag as a prize for being such a good boy. He has named it Cow. He was very much like a drunk little man with the drugs on board. He was like this most of the day however when he woke up he also remembered Daddy saying he could have McDonald’s and asked for it. Yes he had juice and crackers before we moved on to McD’s but he did a great job eating and keeping stuff down. By the end of the night he was able to run around again. They did say that he would sleep up to 8 hours that day but not Ephriam, he was awake the rest of the day but slept almost 12 hours that night. Now you would never know that he has had the sedation.

So I am hoping in the next 12 hours to post results and what our next steps are but that all depends on when the doctor’s offices calls with the results.

Thank you all again for your love and prayers. You are such great family and friends.




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