Big Day turned into not so great

July 3, 2010 — Leave a comment

Yesterday I thought was going to be a big day.  A big day of answers and fun however it didn’t turn out that way. It turned into a day of much more unknowing. Chris’ meeting at church went well but still no job.  We were suppose to get Ephriam’s EEG results and yet they won’t be read till early next week. I was suppose to have a good conversation with my mom and it was more of a very sad one. It made me miss my family terribly. I was glad that the day ended with Chris’ parents and Mark coming over for dessert of smores and ice cream by the firepit outside. It was really nice of them to be there because I am sure that if they hadn’t that I would have wallowed all evening and I didn’t need to do that.  I felt down and not so great. After they left, I came in and took a shower and turned on the TV to watch Whale Wars on Animal Plant.  Then when I was relaxed enough I rolled over and fell asleep.

I slept pretty well for the most part. Ephriam has a bad cough from all his sinus drainage so I heard him but other than that I slept well. I am feeling better today and am WAY excited for tomorrow. I can’t wait to have Chris’ family over to celebrate the 4th with us.  Not to mention we all get to go to church together as a family in the morning.

Even better yet it marks 8 year of Christopher asking me to be his wife! It only seems like yesterday that we are standing in my parent’s living room waiting for my parents to come back from what ever they were doing to go over to my dad’s cousin’s house for a cook out.  When Chris said I should probably give you this first. I turned around and WHAM there was a RING! All I could say was “Are you serious?” Not even sure what he said after that but I eventually did say yes that I would be his wife. It is one of the best decision ever! Because no matter how hard things are or how good they are Chris is always there for me. He is my rock in all situations and I love him more everyday. I just can’t even begin to think of life with out him.  I thank God everyday for the blessing that he has been for me.  I kept having to count and recount to make sure that it was really 8 years but we have been married 6.5 and we waited 1.5 years to get married so it all adds up right to 8.

Well it is time to get this house in shape for tomorrow. I am looking forward to a good and happy day!




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