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Am I one of the only honest people left out there? I mean I know some really honest people who I feel would do the same things I would do. But why is it that when you do something honest that sometimes you get looked at like a deer in headlights? Okay so maybe you don’t know what I am talking about so here is a recent true story:

Chris and I were at Meijer’s (one of my favorite places to shop, but mostly for groceries) we picked up 2 booster seats for Kendra since she is now 4 and several things for her birthday party. We got out to the parking lot, where it felt like 110 degrees on the pavement and noticed that Kendra’s party hats and one of her coloring gifts were under one of the booster seats and had NOT been paid for. Being the honest person I am I took them back in to pay for them.  The greater saw me come in the door and I of course explained what I was doing. She looked at me like I was some crazy lady! (Yes, I know that I am crazy but she doesn’t) One of the other employees says “That was really honest of her.” People, I didn’t pay for them and walking off with them would be STEALING. My conscience would NEVER let me get away with that. NEVER! So yes, I walked around to the cash register and paid for the couple of things that hadn’t been paid for and went back out to the car where Chris was waiting patiently on me.

Most of the people that I know would have gone back. I don’t know too many people who would have just walked off with anything. Why is it that honesty is suprising? Should we all be in practice of this? I know that our world is getting to be a dark place but don’t just more than the handful of people I know do this?

How about you? Would you have gone back and paid?



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  1. Yep I certainly would’ve and HAVE done it… even after having 3 kids buckled into the van. Had to unbuckle everyone and haul back into the store in the rain. The Holy Spirit would have never let me get away with it. Even the sin of sneaking food/drinks into a movie theatre is too much of a burden to bear for me… which is another dishonest thing a lot of people don’t think is bad.

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