July Update

July 29, 2010 — Leave a comment

Do you know that July is almost over? I can’t believe it! Did you know that we are less then 5 months away from Christmas? (Yes, in our house Christmas is BIG deal and we base A LOT of time on how close it is) I think that I have missed most of the month because I have been working overtime. Instead of working 36 hours a week I have been working 40-48 hours a week. That is anywhere from an extra 4-12 hours. With Chris not having a job right now the money has been needed.

So let’s start there. Yep Chris still doesn’t have a job but is opening his own computer buiness to see how it goes and if he can make enough money to support us. If you want to know more go here to find out more. Hopefully we can spread the word and he can do great work for less money then someone else would charge. Right now he is mostly incharge of the kids and the house work. He does a pretty good job staying up on things and I am glad since I have been working overtime.

Ephriam is Ephriam. He has been more vocal on things lately and seems to be working hard for his therapist. Still no word on anything yet for his doctor. Well, I take that back. She is waiting to hear from the Developmental and Behavioral Ped to see what he has to say. She talk to the Neurologist and he said he would probably do some chromosomal studies and go from there but he can’t say much since he hasn’t seen Ephriam yet. The Neurologist did say that we have done the important things with the MRI and the EEG. Right now it is probably good for him to havea break from the testing and just be normal.

Then there is Kendra. She misses her Mommy. Since I have been working overtime she is like glue on my hip, she doesn’t let go and likes to be there. She wants to do whatever I am doing and keeps asking to help over and over, even after the billionth time of me saying that there is nothing she can help with right now. She hasn’t been sleeping well lately but I think she is running into crash and burn time and will be sleeping more soon. She is OVER THE TOP excited to be 4! She enjoyed her birthday parties but was sad that not everyone came over ON her actual birthday. She picked pepperoni, carrots, and celery for her birthday dinner (yeah I know, I had to work hard to make some sort of meal out of that and ended up with a buffet!) She is so excited about getting to see her Nana and Grandpaw soon and felt special that they called to wish her a happy birthday.

Me, nothing much to report. I keep plugging along being a wife, mom, student, and HUC. Lately my body has reached its limits and have been slowing me down from my fast pace life. The more rest I get the better I feel. I am hoping all will resolve when I am on vacation for 17 days in August and resting well if not I will proabably have to go and see a doctor. We will see how things go. I am also very excited to be seeing my mom and dad soon. This summer has been hard not seeing them from May to August but we have hung in there. Next year maybe all different.

We are all just waiting to see what God has in store for us next. Waiting on the opportunities to come up. We are just waiting. Yep, sure did pick the right word this year. Waiting.

Up next Cincy Kids, Staycation, visit with Mom and Dad, and gearing up for back to school. I can’t believe that school will be starting but we have till September for that. I love that they are starting later and getting to enjoy summer more. Before we know it it will be Christmas! Yeah!

So how are things with you?



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