Ephriam and the Neurologist

September 18, 2010 — 1 Comment

It has been a while since I have posted about Ephriam and what has been going on with him. In between Grandma’s death and her memorial mass he had an appointment with a neurologist, Dr. Franz. Since he had already talked to Ephriam’s doctors he already kinda of had an idea as to what was going on with him. He said that since we had ruled that his brain was fine through the MRI and EEG that the only other thing from his stand point was to look at metabolic testing and Ephriam’s chromosomes to see what things looked liked and to start Ephriam on Fish Oil 1 gram a day . So we ran a whole bunch of lab work and a urine test to see how things were. Dr. Franz said that it would take about a week to get the results back and that he would call and let me know. A week came and went and I didn’t hear anything from him so finally after 3 weeks of waiting I called them back to see where we were at with things.  When they called back they said that everything was NORMAL!

Yet another victory for Ephriam! All his chromosomes are fine and his metabolism seems to be fine.  The Fish Oil seems to be helping Ephriam with his speech, we will see how he does as time goes on but right now it seems to be going on.  The grandparents are excited because this means that once I am done with school that Christopher and I may still have another baby but we will see.

Ephriam does have another appointment this week with his Developmental and Behavioral Ped since he did have some regression but with the Fish Oil that seems to help. I would like to see too if maybe he could be put on Vitamin E since I read an article about boys like Ephriam who have not just an just an Omega-3 problem but also a Vitamin E. We will see  what happens. We will see if he wants to run more test or what not.

So that is where we are at now. If you have any questions let me know!




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  1. Have they ever tested him for kernicterus?

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