Wirlwind Part 3…

September 2, 2010 — Leave a comment

So it was so nice to see my family as they were waiting for me in Nashville. Christopher had decided that he would head home the next day but I just couldn’t bear the though of getting back in the car to drive another 6 hours back home. I decided that we would leave Thursday morning. This way I could help my Dad do a few things around the house and visit with him too. I did a few things around the house and I just couldn’t stand being in the house by myself without my mom and thinking of my Grandma. I just kept crying and well that wasn’t good for my kids. So the kids and I went out to the outlet mall that was like  20 minutes from their house. I was really just interested in the Bath and Body outlet. I got some really nice stuff for not too much. We looked at some of the clothing stores for the kids but didn’t find much. We enjoyed a good meal of beans and cornbread or well Dad and I did the kids however didn’t really eat much and Dad and I were suppose to cut the grass but since it rained almost all day that didn’t happen. Dad and I watched the Yankee Game and headed to bed.

In the morning we got  up, I finished up a few things around mom and dad’s house and then we left. Drove all the way to Chris’ parents house for dinner. We were celebrating my newphew Joe going away to a boarding school for high school. I decision that I know my sister in law and brother in law did not make lightly. I know that he will do very well once he gets settled in.  And then we finally made it home.

As glad I was to be at home I was also sad that I wasn’t with my family. I wanted to be there to support them but really Grandma had made little to no change and I think we were making Grandpa overwhelmed with all of us there.

On Friday morning at 9:30 am I got the call from my Dad saying that they were taking Grandma to surgery and she only had a 20% chance of coming out. However that is not really what my Mom said but she was crying so hard I am sure that is what he got out of it.  At  11:30 my Dad called and said that they were waiting for my mom’s sister, my Aunt Shell, to get there and they were going to withdraw treatment. Aunt Shell was already on her way to drop my cousin, Payton, off at college.  I knew that it would be a while before she got there and knew that it would take awhile for her to pass.  I knew that some people hung in for days and even weeks. I was just ready for her to stop suffering.

I talked to my parents Saturday afternoon as they were at my Grandparents house taking a break. An hour later my Dad called and he could hardly talk. “She is gone” I got off the phone with him as quick as I could. My Grandma finally went home to the arms of Jesus on Saturday August 21, 2010 at 12:30 pm.

Even now I am so shocked to think that she isn’t going to be there anymore. Even though in my head I know that she won’t be there my heart just hasn’t accepted that fact. Did I cry? Of course I did. I mean she is gone, I just couldn’t do it on the phone with my Dad. My mom called later to check on me and tell me that my Grandpa was having her cremated and he would have a memorial mass next Saturday. I told her then I was going into work tonight. I need to not just sit around. I needed to keep busy.

And that I did. Over the next couple of days I worked and did the things that we had planned for the week. Monday and Tuesday I cried off and on because all I could remember was my last moment when I talked to her and hugged her. It was July 17 when we celebrated Mia and Kendra’s birthdays at her house. I was a mess even though I was busy. I worked Wednesday and Thursday nights and headed to my Grandparents on Friday.

… One more to be continued.



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