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I was hoping by now to give you an update on Ephriam but as we are in the year of waiting, I haven’t heard back from him.  So today I called his regular pediatrician to give her an update and hopefully she will try and get in touch with him so we can get moving forward. For now he is doing REALLY well. He is working hard at his speech and making great progress. His speech therapist has had to change his goals every week since we started him on the fish oil. He is just progressing so fast I can’t even remember what is his speech therapy goals are half the time.  He is just growing so fast. The only thing I wish would happen was for him to be potty trained. I would really like to not clean up poop every night but we are hanging in there and I know that one day he will be just fine. When I know more about what is going on with Ephriam I will post an update, for now it is business as usual.

Kendra is doing well in school. We had a rough with her last week but this week things seem to be fine. Next week I go for parent teacher conferences so it will be good to hear how well she doing in school. It will be also strange to not have the whole crew that we have when we do Ephriam’s conference. Hoping to see lots of progress and her grow a little bit more mature this year to be ready for Kindergarten next fall.

For Christopher things are going great. He has signed up for an unpaid internship at the student union at church. The good news is that he LOVES what he is doing. I hope that at some point this experience will lead to him having a paid job. We will see however where this leads for him. I just know that God is doing awesome work with Christopher and that he has a plan. We are always trying to remember that God’s timing is perfect as we journey to the next phase of life.

I am doing pretty well. I am ready for this season of waiting to be over. I am ready for the next step, or maybe really I am not. I am hoping that God will reveal his plan for us sooner than later but we will see what happens. I am trying to not lean on my own understanding or anything. I am taking this one day at a time. We will be fine and God has never not provided for us. Well it is nap time and since I floated out last night at work to do nurses aide work I should get some more rest.

Check ya later.




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