Wuz up with Ephriam?

November 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

I would love to tell you what is going on with him but simply the DDBP doctor and I are having issues getting on the same page. Well, honestly I can’t get him to return my phone call and when the nurse called it too him a month and half to type up his consult letter to Ephriam’s Pediatrican and write out what he wants ordered.  Problem #2 the orders were never placed therefor nothing can be scheduled.  This lead to me calling Ephriam’s primary care doctor, whom I love, and she said we should move on and see if we can get him to see another doctor in the DDBP. She gave me a couple of names and we are waiting to hear back. Today marks a week of waiting but let me tell you I will place a phone call today to see where we are at. Maybe by the time he is six we can find out what they mean by he is certainly different.  Well that is definately what we see and hence why we are seeking help. Just gets frustrating trying to get there.

Don’t worry though, I am on the case and I won’t back down. I know that Ephriam needs a firm diagnosis to get anywhere in being different. Being different doesn’t give him the services he needs at school. Actually his current diagnosis of Developmental Delays doesn’t get him services at school. His teacher last year, his teacher this, and I had to push to have him in the room he is in so that he can be successful. 

The good news is that Ephriam doesn’t know that the doctor is not taking care of him and that his mama is fighting for him. He is happily playing and growing like he should. We had a small victory of a one time poop on the potty the other night which lead to a McDonald’s celebration. Wish he would do that more but one small victory we will take. He is learing lots and school and moving a good pace. I think that he is doing wonderful and I can’t wait to see how far he will come this year. We are also greatful for him praying out loud grace for dinner at Chris’ parents’ house in front of everyone. This is huge step for him and we love seeing him grow.

His speech has improved A LOT, thanks to the fish oil that the neurologist said that the could have each day. Wow has it made a change in him. I think that he be talking up a storm in no time.

Ephriam, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! We will continue to get you the best help that we can. You are working so hard in school and in therapy with Miss Nikki and Miss Aurora. I hope that you know how proud we are of you! Keep up the good work lil’ man and one day it is going to pay off for you. Love, Mommy

Kendra, Tomorrow is a post for you babe. Love you! Mom




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