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So here we are in 2011! A new adventure awaits this year! This year I have decided to just pick a word to use for now. No scripture yet but I am sure that when the time is right there will be one. If you haven’t figured it out this years word is


Something I don’t see to have a lot of. This year due to school, work, and family Christopher and I have decided to say no to a lot of things that we would normal say yes too. This year we will be focusing on getting through school, work, and being a family. This means that we are saying no to lots of things. Like I will not be working in the nursery¬† at church starting after April. This is because I feel that I will need that time to either be studying or spend time with Christopher and the kids. We are slowing things down.

So if you ask for the next 18 months and we say not it isn’t personal we are just getting through this short term important life changing part of life.

I want to find time in the mess of chaos to work out on a regular schedule, have a hour a week to just me, nope I don’t get that right now and have time with Jesus everyday. This means no school work, no husband or kids, and no house work. Just me doing what I want to do.

So this is what this year is about margin.

How about you? What are you working for in 2011?



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