2 weeks left

March 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

I have 2 weeks left in my first term of nursing school. So far I feel like I am doing very well.  Skills lab seems to be getting easier and theory I feel  like I am learning something in. I just passed my skills test on Tuesday over shots. I was glad to pass on the first try. I took my 3rd test in theory and I think that I will get either a low A or a high B. I won’t know till Monday. I will be glad to have a break and then change things up. I will have new instructors and classes. Then after that term is over I will be able to have a little break for the summer and be able to hang at home with the kids or heck even going out to new places with the kids.

This also means there will be lots of watching of LOST. Yes, I know that that show was over a LONG time ago but Christopher and I didn’t watch it when it is was on but we are enjoying streaming it over Netflix.  We might even get to watch a movie or 2 too. We will just play that by ear.

For now it is back to work, school, sleep, eat.




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