Better Day

March 6, 2011 — Leave a comment

Or I at least I hope today is.

I still have a killer headache that just won’t go away but I am hoping that it will soon. It doesn’t matter how much I sleep or how quite it is. Nothing seems to help and the 800 mg of Mortin is just even for it to take the edge off. Tylenol has done nothing at all for it. Yesterday I hoped that a work out would help but it didn’t. Actually it made it worse.

The kids were really good all day except for Kendra wouldn’t keep her hands off her brother even when he said no. There was at least no fighting or crying.

I really enjoyed the change for church even if we did worship at the end. I love when Joe gets up there and tells stories. I don’t know anyone who is a better story teller then he is.  The very last song we sang was  “How He Loves Me” by Chris Tromlin. Right now it is one of my very favorites and I was a hot mess by the time it was over but I think that we should all be a hot mess by the time we get done worshiping our father.

Today I am going to play games, do more exercise with Wii, and finish up my school work for Tuesday. I have a lot of stuff due and I need to study for a test. Tonight Christopher and I are having dinner with friends and I hope that we get to have a good time.

Well it is time to play some games and then work out.




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