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Today I am a little grumpy.


Well it might be this headache that I have now had for almost 2 days or it might be thinking of all the school work that I have to do before Tuesday for school. It might in be the fact that Tuesday is going to be the longest school day for me.

My kids however have been mostly good today. Kendra had a little bit of a meltdown this morning but I think that was mostly that she needed to eat breakfast other wise they have been good.

I am not excited to hear that church is going to be different this week either. This usually means that they are  going to preach first and then we are going to sing. I don’t like this because I feel like when we sing first that I am more apt to be open to what is being said. Not to mention my coffee is cool enough to drink. Oh well, I guess that I will just have to deal. I am glad however that Chris and I are going together.  I like that get to sit next to him and look at him when something they say strike me.

I am thinking about working out with the Wii this morning to see if maybe it will help the headache or at least make me less grumpy.

Yesterday by the way would have been my Grandmother’s 71st birthday. I miss her a lot. I hated when I called my grandpa on Thursday and got the machine that it wasn’t her anymore. Although it had been hard to call knowing that her voice was still on the machine. Most days I want her to be here. I am sad that I won’t get to see her smile when I graduate from nursing school. Even though I know that she is with me it won’t be the same. I know that she will be proud of me.

Well alright. I need to get ready to work out. I need to see if it will kill this headache. I don’t think that it could make it worse at this point.

Hoping to get out of being grumpy too.





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