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This is not something that is new to me. Ever since becoming a mom I seem tired all the time. It got even worse when I switched to working night shift and then got pregnant with a second baby. It got better for a while while all I did was work. Now that I am working full time and going to school part time sleep seems to be something I long for. This week started out with me getting plenty of rest but the tide turned at the end of the week. 4 hours, 6 hours, or maybe 7 hours here and there. None of them all in  a row but on and off. I am beginning to feel the way I did when I had 2 babies and worked full time. I know that this too will only be for a season but honestly I like my sleep. I dislike that I am grouchy especially since I have such a limited time with my kids. I am fighting through it today so that they get some of the best of me. Tonight though I will get real sleep. I am praying for 10 hours but hey beggers can’t be choosers. I will take what I can get. Tomorrow I hope to feel more rested and willing to play games and cuddle with my kids. They need that and so do I. I am looking forward to only working on the weekend this week. This means 4 nights in a row of sleep and rest. By the time I go back to work I should be doing great. For now I need to get dressed and ready to go to church. I can’t wait to go to church. It always makes me feel refreshed and renewed. It is a good place to be.

Where do you find your strength?




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