Spring Break?

April 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

Well I guess you would call it spring break. It just really is the week in between terms at school but it starts today. I am glad to have a break and am preparing myself for next term. I won’t find out till Tuesday what my schedule for the next term looks like. I really hope that I get one of the sections that I wanted for classes but I guess we will see which one I get. I know that which ever one it is it, I am suppose to be in that  section. Part of me wants the 1st section that I signed up for because the lab is in the afternoon but yet the second section I signed up for has clinical closer to my house. We will see.

So what am I doing for spring break? Well you know I still have to work so I won’t be going anywhere but I will be watching LOST like it my job with my husband and maybe doing some fun reading. I might even get my school books and get a head start on my work for the start of the next term. My instructor this term said that I would about 3 times the amount of reading to do for next term. I will be taking my kids to school and picking them up as much as I can. I will be hopefully playing outside with them or doing crafts inside. Depending on the weather.

My kids aren’t off till the following week so our spring breaks don’t match up. I am sure that Chris will have lots planned for them while they are on break.

So what are you doing on your spring break? Or you kids’ spring break?



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