Spiritual Renewal equals Attitude Change

I really feel that while you are feeling one in the spirit with God that you have a better attitude. I have felt like I have not been my usual happy self  for a while and was getting grumpier everyday. I don’t know if it was just lack of sleep or if it is was just that I pushed Jesus to the side. I feel that it isn’t not my lack of sleep. I have had the same amount of sleep and the only change is my renewal of spirit. I think that I have felt more rested knowing that God is filled me back up a little. I just hope that I can substain it. Working night shift 12 hours and having Kendra all day and Ephriam most of the day is not easy but I see the change in them with me here. I get to see them flourish just as God has seen my flourish in the past 3 week. I am so thankful for Chris and I decision to move on to the Vineyard. I really feel that God has called us to be there. Wishing that the small group leader that I had contacted has gotten back to me about tomorrow but that is okay. I think that maybe Chris, Mark, and I will do the first week when we get together this weekend. Or maybe just Chris and I will do it together. I look forward every week to learning something new from Dave Workman not to mention the sermon that we get to hear from Craig Groeschel from Lifechurch.tv. I have found that they too are about giving things away to love on people.  So I hope that I continue to have a happy attitude and really love on the people around me.


Okay so last night I was going to post another blog and didn’t get time to do it. So here it is:

I asked my husband to make cookies. They turned out great! Only he called me at work to tell me that he use powder sugar instead of regular sugar since the recipe said granulated sugar and since powdered sugar had a funny name he thought that was it. The only thing that it did to the cookies was give it a bit of a different texture. They are still very good and most and nice. We still have been eating them like they are going out of style so no complaints. So you know next time that if you run out of sugar you can use powder sugar instead.

Luke 4: Days 3 and 4

This is a continuation from the 1st post about moving 4ward.

Day3 was all about sharing our Jesus story with others. This doesn’t mean that we have to talk about yet to live it out. We need to show Jesus’ love to others. Just alone in our own actions and words that we use to others. For example I choose not to use foul language. This is one way that I think that Jesus would like me to be like him. I try not to talk to people in a degrading way. I want to try to love people like Jesus does. It is very hard to do especially when you work with the public. People are not very smart all the time and do things that aren’t very smart. So you try your best to put on a happy face and treat them like Jesus would have. Preach Good news to the Poor through your words and actions. Let people be curious and ask questions.

Day four is all about breaking out of our own prisions to help others. Jesus wants us to heal ourselves before we can heal others. Even though we get great joy out of seeing someone come around and recover from things we also have to remember to take care of ourselves. If we keep trying to help others without helping ourselves we may not be any help at all. Work on your bad habits and sins to maybe help those who have struggled in the same area.


Okay so at first you might think that we are expecting but we are not! But I have had a few cravings for a few things. The first being chocolate. I seem all the time that I want chocolate for the past few months. I don’t know if it is just because I need something that is in it or not but I want it all the time and don’t seem satisfied with a little bit that I have. I have to watch how much I have anyways because it is one of the things that I am suppose to have in moderation since my kidney stone. It is really strange.

The other craving is mayo. As many of you know I usually want mustard on a sandwich. Not as of lately I have gone through 2 containers of mayo used on sandwiches and when I didn’t pick up any for us to have a sub night I was really upset and I didn’t wan subs as much anymore. I don’t know what this is really all about. I had a sandwich today with mustard and not that it was bad but it didn’t taste the same at all. I just wanted the mayo.

So just a couple of strange cravings that I thought I would blog about.

Christmas List

Last Sunday Pastor Craig from Lifechurch.tv talked about giving everything up and how his wife likes to give things away and how for her birthday she just wants more money to give so that is his present to her. At the first of the month she gets so much money to give away. So she has inspired me to give things away. As part of my Christmas list I want money given to charities. I am not sure how I want it done. I told Chris I wanted people to give to their favorite one but he didn’t think that was so much gradifing for me. So I am think about how I want it done yet. There are so many out there that help such wonderful people. There is Hannah and friends that Charley Weiss, head coach of Notre Dame, has for his daughter. There is  Breast Cancer foundations that take money and put it to finding a cure. There is the Multiple Myloma foundion. How about COTA for in honor of Victoria Adam? The American Heart Association. Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters, Open Door Food Pantries, Living Waters, Ect. And that is just getting started. If you have other suggestions let me know. Just feeling like I would like to give to God’s people when I have plenty.

Luke 4:Moving 4ward

So it is now offical Day three of our devotional that we are doing with Vineyard Cincinnati Church about being a Luke 4 community. Days one and two were kind of linked together. Day one was about how do we do to open our hearts and minds for the spirit to change us. The second day was about what hinders us to let the us share the good new about Jesus with others. So the first thing we need to do is open our hearts to the spirit before we can share the good news. We also need not to let the world get in our way of sharing about Jesus. We don’t have to do it in words but also our actions. I love the the Vineyard wants to “give everything away” They want to love the people of Cincinnati with out wanting anything back. Last year, Chris and I took the youth group to wrap presents at the mall with them. Chris and I would really like to get to do that again. I passed out candy canes with the baby to just love the people of Cincinnati. It was great to see the responses of people. Many offered to take the baby instead but I can’t imagine life without her. Anyways I haven’t gotten to the todays devotional and probably won’t till morning since I have some work to do but I am looking forward to learning what is next. I am praying for a good heart check. The best one I have had in a long time! PRAISE GOD!

Crazy Week

So for my week has been a little crazy. Monday the kids woke up kind of grumpy but we still had breakfast together and then I got some things done around the house before we headed out the the library. The kids had a great time picking out books, movies, and some music. We got a Dan Zanes CD for them to listen too along with Raffi and a Veggie Tales one. They picked out books till there was no room in our bag. They must be after their Daddy’s heart because they picked out at least 3 Christmas books. They got 5 new movies to watch too. After the library we went to McDonald’s with Grandma for lunch.  Home for a nap and then up for dinner and to send Mommy to work.

Tuesday we did lots of sleeping. Well at least Mommy and Kendra did. Wednesday will be the same and maybe Thursday since Mommy has worked all week. Friday though we are going to have a play day. It will be lots of fun to just get to play with the kids. Saturday I have to pick up some mums that I ordered and we have Alex’s 3rd Birthday party to go to. Then off to church. Sunday I think will be a quite one. October is a busy month for us but we have lots of fun things planned for the kids. Along with a nice trip to my parents house. More to come with that at a later date. For now I have other post I would like to get to.

Great Sunday

Today was a really great day. We did our normal morning routine and then went to church on the internet. Then I load the kids up in the car and headed to church for exploring the roadmap. It was a really good intro to the church and I learned things about the church that I didn’t know. I also got to meet the the pastor of our area of town and a list of small groups that are currently going on. I e-mailed them to see about going to there group this Friday. We will see what they have to say back. We may even group hop till we find a place where we will have a spiritual family and have refrigerator rights and be barefoot buddies (taken from the pastor at www.lifechurch.tv) If not maybe Chris and I will start our own group up. We will see. Kendra was very good for the girls who did childcare. She let me go to the meeting for the whole 2 hours even though she didn’t make it through church last night. Hoping that as she gets to know the church more that she will adjust. Ephriam of course loves going to church now and since the childcare was in his area where he goes to church so he took off towards the monkey room(where he usually goes to church) and they had to retrieve him from there. I have also noticed that during our dinner prayer he is back to folding his hands to pray. This is something that he hasn’t done in a long time. I am glad that he has a renewed spirit about God and wants to participate in that stuff. Thank you so VCC for caring as much about our kids spiritual well being.

Tonight also Chris and I started to do Yoga. We are going to do it 3 times a week after our kids go to bed. I didn’t do so hot as I had planned and I thought that maybe we were going to need to stop since Chris’ knee wasn’t doing so hot but we kept on and finished our 45 minutes. It was a great work out and I am hoping that it would encourage us to get started on a healthy track since we will both be doing it together. I am all about changing how well we eat too but Chris hasn’t quit reached that level yet. I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep us healthy for a long life and to help our kids lead healthy lives.

So for now it is time to go to bed hoping to get some sleep since I haven’t done so well the past couple of nights.

Multi Blog

Okay so this should probably be few different blogs but I am combining them in one due to time restraints ( it is almost 1 am in the morning)

First Topic: Review

So my husband said that I should blog about good and or bad businesses since this gets out to the public and people can read about it. So here is my first review:

The Main Look: Hair Salon and Spa– This is where I go to get my haircut thanks to my mother-in-law’s suggestion. It is one of my favorite places to go mostly because I get to be pampered a little bit and I don’t have to take my kids. I get my hair washed, cut, dried, and styled all for around 30 dollars. In the mean time I get good conversation, a glass of something to drink (anything from water to wine to beer ect), and an awesome haircut. I recently referred my sister-in-law, Heather, there. I was relieved that she had a great experience there and said that she was really pampered. My hair dresser, Kym, made it a point to go over to her and say hi when she knew she was coming in. Heather’s hair looks so cute and it was just what she was looking for. Kym and her partner in the business Margerie are all about service. Every once in a while I get a ‘special’ treat like Kym puts some makeup on me or some free travel kits of shampoo ect. Just because. I like going there and would send all of my friends there. (I actually carry extras of her business card in my wallet).

Next topic: House Projects.

If you have ever been to our house you know that it is organized chaos. Meaning if you wanted to find something it is probably a hunt. For me I mostly know where thing are or the general area they are in. I SAID MOSTLY. So we are currently working on solving that problem. Today’s project was to put away baby clothes. Okay so Chris took all the baby clothes and shoved them in boxes and put them back in the corner in the basement a while ago and I want them in boxes by size and gender. So I think that I have all of the girl clothes mostly caught up. I think there is things that will get boxed up as Kendra gets a bit bigger but for the most part they all now have a home. We have a lot of gender neutral clothes since we NEVER want to find out what the sex of the baby is. So if you thought after having a boy and a girl that with 3 and 4 (yes 4) that we would you are insane! Any who, I have not done anything with them since I still have the big boy box to go through tomorrow. I am hoping to be able to put all that stuff away tomorrow night and not have to pull it out for a couple of years or whenever we decide to have the next baby. My next project after that is to get the baby bottles out of my cupboard to make room for more food storage. I was hoping to do that today instead of the baby clothes but we had to make a Sam’s run instead. So maybe next weekend.

Last topic: Church

As you know we have now switched churches. We were suppose to ease out of going to Park but that didn’t happen. We have gotten so caught up in the Vineyard that we can’t drag ourselves back to Park yet. We will be there for our nephew’s baptism on Oct 7th though. So anyway the Vineyard started a new serious about moving forward as a Luke 4 community. It is really where we need to be. We are starting with evaluation of ourselves and where we are headed in our spiritual journey. Tonight we got devotional books to keep us on track with the church and not to mention a DVD for our very small group that we will have at home. (If you are attending the Vineyard and would like to join us let us know) We will get together on whatever night is most open for us after 8 pm (the kids will be in bed and we can really focus on it). This week it will probably be Thursday night since that is my first night off of work. Then it will probably be Tuesdays from that point on since that will be my night off of work. Any way I am way excited about getting back into the work and growing again. I am hoping to get out of this ditch that I have seem to be in. Not getting anywhere and letting go of God or at least that is how I feel. I am going to be glad to be able to help my kids move forward in there lives too. You will have to read there blog to keep up with them and what they are doing though.

So I think that bring everyone up to speed. I am going to Roadmap afternoon at the Vineyard and hope to post about what I learn there. Not to mention there is free lunch. Something the Vineyard is all about giving things away.(Totally another topic for a later date). So Goodnight for now (I think, my husband is on a snoring kick so I may not make it to sleep till 3 am like last night)