Okay so tomorrow from 9 till about 3:30 Chris and I will be watching our newphew, Caleb, and niece, Clare for the first time. Chris’ sister lives out in Indiana and we don’t see them as often as we would like. Since their store is having there Christmas open house we have been asked to watch them while it goes on. I didn’t think that would be a problem. I just have to watch since they have a few more rules at home then what my kids have had. I am sure that it will be fine though since we won’t be watching much TV and we are listening to Christmas Music. I thought that maybe I would do chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for lunch for them since I know they will eat that. I am sure that I can cut up some apples, carrots, and celery too. I am really looking forward to getting to spend time with them in our house. I am sure too that Ephriam and Kendra will enjoy their company too.

Gonna get sleep?

Okay so this morning (Friday 30th) we are going to try something new. Chris’  dad is going to come to the house to watch the kids while I am there sleeping. This way I will get sleep and if he gets into a sticky situation where he will need my help he can wake me up. So I am hoping that I can get almost 5 hours of sleep in before the kid’s afternoon nap. This will help me be a better mom and play with my kids more and not have to lay on the couch so much while they watch TV since I have only gotten 3 hours of sleep.

I am looking forward to a smooth sailing day so that Ephriam and I can go together tonight to the store. I think it will be nice to have someone to talk to along the way and he will be a little bit of a helper. He likes to put things in the basket from the front of the cart so I will let him do that as much as I can. We will see how much longer it will take me with him with me though.

Post Thanksgiving weekend

That Friday night we didn’t do a whole lot. We just prepared got more stuff out to decorate for Christmas and I was still recovering from the lack of sleep I had.

Saturday we headed up to Toledo to visit with my family. We all gathered at my Aunt Shell’s house and had lunch together. It was a really great time. The kids ended up taking naps on Chris at seperate times during the day while watching football. We all got to chat about Christmas as to what we are bringing and when we were baking cookies. I am not sure if we will be able to make it to bake cookies. It will depend on what is going on with Ephriam’s therapies and our money sitution but we are hoping that it will work out for us. We then took the trip back so that we could get up Sunday Morning to go to church.

 Church seemed like a whole new experience for us. We are used to Saturday night and being able to sit with people around us but on Sunday morning there were very few seats that were empty. We didn’t like that so many people came late durning worship. It seemed like we would just be getting into it an someone else would need the seats that were past us not that it was bad but just threw my worship for a loop. The kids were totally tired when we got done. Ephriam usually is ready for a snack after church but him and Kendra were both ready for a nap. Kendra did really well since her buddy Penny was there. Penny was trying to help with another fussy baby in her room and she made herself at home on her lap. Kendra also got to go for a ride in the buggy around the church and like that. But we are looking forward to returning to church on Saturday night this week. The rest of Sunday was spent recovering from the weekend.


We had a great Thanksgiving day at Chris’ parent’s house. We had a nice dinner with his parents, his Grandma, and his brother Mark. I was able to stay longer then I had planned since I didn’t have to go into work. I was able to see then the rest of my brother and sister in laws and my nephews and niece. It was nice to get together as a family and just enjoy. I am looking forward to Christmas at Cindy’s house this year. We think that it will be great! Of course this is pending the weather for travel that far.

Christmas is Comin’

Sunday Chris hung the Christmas lights up outside. I tried to help but was not too sucessful. I ended up only getting the net lights on some of the bushes and then I entertained the kids.

After the lights were up outside we headed out to see Santa. I wasn’t expecting the kids to be totally well behaved since it was right in the middle of their nap but I was hoping for the best. This was Ephriam’s third trip to see Santa so I really wasn’t worried about him however I thought on a normal day that Kendra would really not like him. Ephriam didn’t really want to be up there he wanted Mommy to come get him but he didn’t cry or anything. Kendra on the other hand didn’t want NOTHING to do with him. She screamed and cried and carried on while she was with him but once I got her out she was fine. She did enjoy her candy cane from him afterward. Maybe next year will be better.

For dinner that I night I got out all my Polar Bear dishes. It was great to see how good the table looked with all of them out. Too bad we don’t have too many dinner parties at our house it would be nice to see the table like that more often.

Chris also has started pulling out Christmas decorations one by one. I guess that on Friday we can get whatever he hasn’t snuck past me out. Since Thanksgiving will be over and the Christmas season offically started.

Turkey Fest 2007

This year we participated in the Vineyard’s Turkey Fest. Chris and I really didn’t know what the heck we were getting into but thought that it would be a fun outreach that we could do with our children. So we picked up a box from church filled up with a Turkey Dinner and return to church the following week.

We did a little celebration together as a community before we went out and gave our box away. The chruch’s goal was to give away 800 dinners to needy families. We found out through small group that the 800 boxes were gone before the last service so they were giving people bags to fill.  We didn’t just meet our goal but surpased it! Can you believe that we feed 1,000 needy families in the Greater Cincinnati Area? When the Harmony, the lady who ran Turkey Fest, got up to tell us about it she was moved to tears. She said Next Year will be bigger yet!

So we headed out to give our basket away to our family and it was nice. We said a nice little prayer with her put the box in her house and went home. It was nice and easy way to do outreach especially since we have been out of pratice!

Small Group Review!

So I know that there are people out there waiting to hear about how small group went for my first meeting so here it is.


I have to say that it has been a long time since I have felt so comfortable in a group setting like that. Thanks so much to the Nelson’s for all that they did for our family. They went the extra mile to make sure that my kids were taken care of and that I could just sit and enjoy the group. Mrs. Nelson made sure of cover plugs and all sorts of things that I didn’t even think of! Thanks so much for open your home to us.

It was nice to to just run into people and have them introduce themselves to me on a couple of occasions in the middle of converstations.

Chris and I felt totally relaxed and at home with everyone and felt like we had been in the group more then just a couple of times. Okay maybe it was just me but I hope that Chris agrees with me.

We have also run into people at church and it has been nice to chat with them after service and invited to do service with them. I am looking forward to doing wrap it up with Mrs. Nelson (I know you are wondering why I keep saying Mrs. Nelson and not her first name well it is because I thought I had the spelling in an e-mail but don’t and I don’t want to mess it up because names are so important so Mrs. Nelson it is DEAL for now).

So you are all stuck with us for a while so we hope that you like us! If not you will have to some pretty non christian terriable things to get rid of us! HA!

The only down side to the group is that it took us 90 minutes to pick a book to study. So making decisions is not any of your strong points but we can work with that. It could be  A LOT worse! One thing that is confusing now that shouldn’t be later is how many kids are there and who do they belong to.

Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks and pursuing life friends, refrig rights, and barefoot buddies. Plus others to spur Chris and I in our walks with God.

Movin’ In

Okay I think that after almost 3 year of living in our house that Chris and I are almost moved in. There are areas that still have much to be desired but we are well on our way. There are still a few more boxes to go through and some areas of the basement that need to be sorted but our house looks much better. We are working on having homes for everything and making sure that things are put away right away verses leaving it till later. This weekend we have done a good job at hanging up our coats and what not. We are hoping to take our turn hosting Small Group in the near future. We will see how much we get done in the next few weekends.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This weekend Chris and I got to spend our time running around town doing our Christmas shopping. We have the kids just about done. We got a few items that we were not expecting too. We found a nice Polar Bear that fits in the TV stand at a seal of a deal. We also got Polar Sheets for the bed and we found some more Christmas music that we like. I got a few more things for scrapbooking and got a fake wreath to decorate for the front door, which is up by the way. I also found my dad an ugly ornament for his ornament exchange for small group. It was questioned if it really was on or not but it truly is one. Saw several in other stores in different colors. Also found a nice suprise for my family when we do Christmas in Louisville. So we are well on our way into our Christmas shopping.

Another Cold

Okay so I one of the girls I work with gave me yet another cold that I have passed on to my kids. I just got over the last one and here we are again. I am hoping to have this one kicked by this weekend so that I can enjoy all the blessings that we have coming our way. Small Group, Turkey Fest, and The kids getting to see Santa.  This will be Kendra’s first visit with Santa since she was sleeping nicely in her car seat last year. We will see how she does. Ephriam will do fine I am sure. So praying for fast healing so and no more colds this winter or at least not one for a while.