Help for Ephriam

On Wednesday we took Ephriam for his speech evaluation. He will be going once a week to see a speech therapist once there is an opening for him. He is 2 years behind on his verbal but only one year behind on his understanding and his play. The speech pathologist was really impressed with all that I have been doing with him. She kept asking if I was or am studding to behavior and developmental stuff. I told her of course that I wasn’t but that the internet has been a great tool for me. I have looked up all sorts of things to help him including toys that he would need to get to help him for Christmas and his Birthday. She was supper impressed with how hard and far he has come over the fast 4 months. She didn’t have but a couple more things that I can do with him at home that I wasn’t already doing. She would like him however to go to Head Start. So I called them after my parents left and they need to do some paper work but they were going on break on the 20th so I wouldn’t hear back from them till after the 7th of January if he qualifies for the program (Head Start is mostly for low income families but since Ephriam has so many ‘special’ needs they told me he would probably qualify for the program despite how much we make). While he is at Head Start they will work with him with his speech and occupational therapy while he is in preschool. This will also be a good opportunity for him to get to be with other kids 4 half days a week. While he is there he will get one meal and snack too. So when I hear back from Head Start to see if he qualifies for the program I will let you know. I do know that if he doesn’t qualify for Head Start that the Hamilton City Schools are required by law to provide his speech and occupational therapy for him so I don’t know where that will lead us next but I will keep you informed.

 Thank you all so much for your prayers as We are going through this. I have had some tough days have some “could  I have done better” even though I know that I am doing the best I can now. Please continue to pray for Ephriam as he has lots of work ahead of him but at least it will be fun work. Please pray for strenght for Chris and I as we continue to work with Ephriam. Pray for Kendra too (as she will have to come with me to all his appointments) that she will gain patients.

Kendra does do our therapy at home with Ephriam too. She takes part in all our activites for crawling down the hall to noodle jelwery to coloring to egg carton snacks. Her vocabulary is increasing as Ephriam and her are repeating words together. So she is staying ahead of the game so far. I will be watching her closely since Ephriam has these delays.

So help is on the way for Ephriam and I am sure the will amaze me with his skills and vocabulary. Can’t wait till next year when he can make his own Christmas and Birthday list!

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