Merry (Belated) Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope that you all had a blessed holiday this year. It has been quite the adventurous one for us. We had a three day run of Christmas Bliss.

Day One:

We were suppose to go out to Chris’ sister’s house to have Christmas with his side of the family. Only we got a phone call at 0930 saying that one of the kids had been up all night getting sick and that the party had been canceled. This was a total bummer for me but Chris and I had quick thinking and moved some of the party here. Chris’ brother and his family were not going to attend anyway because their baby was sick so that left just us and his parents, his other brother Mark and his Grandma. So we quick threw a party together here! The kids got to have Christmas with at least part of their family Christmas and that we were able to see some of our family that day.

Day Two:

Christmas eve! We just hung out at home most of the day but ended up having Christmas Eve dinner at Matt and Heather’s House. It was a beautiful event. We started out with appetizers to lead only into dinner that had ham, turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, green been casserole, cheesy potatoes, and rolls. Then we all gave ‘gifts’ to baby Jesus and sang Happy Birthday to him. Then we had our ‘free’ gift exchange. I ended up with at gift card to Starbucks and a nice coffee mug. It  will be nice to treat myself to a cafe mocha every now and again. Chris ended up with a new golf umbrella and a nice little regular size umbrella. I am sure that they will come in handy for him. I am now looking for my ‘free’ gift to give away next year. I am sure that I will be able to find something before then. Hoping to be able to help Chris out too with something. We went home and put the kids in bed and Chris and I did our Christmas together. I really felt that we both made our budgets stretch out pretty far this year. I think that my favorite thing that I got from him was my outfit. He did a great job at picking something out for me to wear that was young and hip and instyle. I am looking forward to wearing it tonight to church. I also got a thin line Bible to go to church with. Now I don’t have to lug my big Bible with me and I will be able to have a Bible with me at all times. Then Chris and I waited for Santa to come for the kids before we went to bed. We didn’t make it to bed till 2 am.

Day Three:

I was then awake at 5 am in anticipation of the kids opening their gifts. I couldn’t wait to see the joy on their faces after they made it down the hall to the Christmas tree. So at 6:30 I finally was able to wake up Chris and get breakfast and then get the kids up. Kendra was awake quickly and ready to go. Ephriam of course was half asleep when I sent them down the hall. They immediatley started playing with their new kitchen. Then we moved on to the stockings. Ephriam didn’t want to open his but Kendra was all about digging in till she got the candy. One by one she started pulling out the mini reece cups so daddy showed her how to dump it out on the floor and that was that. They then moved on to presents, each more interested in what the other was doing then what they were doing themselves. Only 30 minutes that they had been up and everything was open and they were playing. It was great for them. While they were playing I gathered things up to head off to Toledo to go to my Grandma’s house. We were able to leave our house by nine and make it to her house by noon. We no longer got there before the paper started flying. With 30 people in her living room it is always a bit squishy but we make do for the short time we are all there. The kids got great gifts. Kendra played with one and then another and then another and then back to the first one. Ephriam open all his presents and then since he didn’t sleep on the way up fell asleep on Daddy. Then after opening gifts we were on to eating. I think that between all the days that I ate way to much but that is part of Christmas. We played some games and visited with everyone and then we were off back home. Kendra had so much sugar to eat that she was wild in the car for a while before settling down to sleep. Ephriam was awake till she fell alseep and then he drifted off himself. The day ended the way it started… watching my angels asleep in their beds. What wonderful Christmas memories for me.

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