Mid Week Catch up

Okay so it has been almost a week since I have bloged so here is the mid week catch up on things.

The Weekend:

Friday night was a good stay at home night.  I took Eprhaim to do grocery shopping with me. It was nice to have him along for company and I don’t think I spent as much money with him there. He was good at putting things in the back of the cart for me and he enjoyed getting to do so. Kendra stay home with Daddy, snuggled up with him and took a nap till we got back. We bathed the kids and put them to bed and watch the Santa Clause 3 with Tim Allen. I liked it better then the second one but not sure that they could make another but I am not putting it pasted them.

Saturday we got up had some cinnamon rolls and then Caleb and Clare came over. They played with the kids and ate and ate and ate and then they watched Narnia while the kids napped and ate some more. After the kids got up from their naps they played together more while Chris and I got dinner ready and I got things ready for church. It was nice to have them and they were SO good. I hope that we will be able to have them again. The we ate dinner with Mark and took him to church with us. ( I will blog about church later.)

Sunday was a blaugh day. We stayed at home and did pretty much nothing but play with the kids. Kendra broke out in a rash but I think it is just from some new soap that I used on her. Since I have switched back she is doing fine and the rash has gone away. We did watch life church on the internet while we all ate breakfast. The kids like the worship part and then loose interest in it. Santa opend his workshop and got busy wrapping in the afternoon while the kids were napping. We also watched A Chistmas Story with him while he wrapped. So now all he has to do is our stockings. After dinner we watched Barnyard. It was okay I didn’t find it as funny as it had seemed but oh well.

The Rest of the Week:

Monday-Wednesday nights I have to work. Thursday is our 4th Anniversary, Friday is Ephriam to the eye doctor and Small Group, Saturday we are getting our tree and going to church, Sunday is Christmas shopping. Then hopefully back to a normal week other then Ephriam’s therapy evaluations. I don’t think life is ever going to slow down but in the end my efforts are worth it. Ephriam is going to take off like a mad man with his therapy and I am hoping we won’t have to do it for long. So that is what is going on for now.  More to come later….

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