Put to work

Today we had Ephriam’s evalutation for his occupational therapy. It was a good appointment to learn where Ephriam needs help. He will only be going once evey other week for his occupational therapy which is better then I thought, because I thought he would go once a week. He does have muscle weakness in his hands and upper body so now we have been put to work to get him to do things to help him build up that strenght. Ephriam will also be put to work and they want him to even do more helping around the house. They want him to help carry some sheet and towels when we do laundry or bring in a couple cans of soup after I have gone to the grocery store. We also will be working with getting him on his hands and knees more to crawl so that he pushes himself up and builds up that strenght. To work more with his hands we will be playing more with playdough and working on having him only pick up one piece of something at a time to get him to do the ‘finger pinching’ that kids do to pick things up. As soon as I get an empty egg carton and some goldfish crackers he will eat them by picking them out of the carton with his fingers. They said also that if he didn’t need to have a snack to use small objects like buttons, popcorn kernals, ect. So now that we know the right things to do with him we will work more with that. I am looking forward to seeing him improve over the months and to work himself to be discharged from therapy all together. So my prayer is that he will co operate with us and will grow more strenght in his upper body and arms. Also that I don’t try to push him too hard to the point where he doesn’t want to do it at all.

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  1. Howdy Faith,

    Just wanted to let you know I prayed for you guys and Ephraim’s evaluation on the 19th. Hope everything goes well and the people at Children’s do a great job. Have a great Christmas week!


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