RSVP-Week 2

Okay I totally lost my first thoughts on this so bear with me as I try to re-type them and hopefully not loose them this time.

This week Joe Boyd talked. I REALLY like when Joe talks and I think that Chris but it the best way when he said that we feel personally connected to him. I don’t know if it because his first week was our first week or if it that someday we will be personally connected to him. We will see.

Anyway this week Joe talked about the response of the Magi or Wisemen as most people know them. We looked in the book of Matthew where his ‘Christmas’ story begins with the Magi.

The Magi response is to seek. They traveled very far to seek out the baby. They ran into Herod and asked him where they could find this baby, the King.  So while the Magi were seeking out the baby Jesus so too was Herod. He told the Magi when the found him to come and tell him so that he could go see him. When they did find him they realized that they shouldn’t tell Herod this so they went another way. The Magi also brought what is thought to be expensive gifts( given the time period) to the baby that they were seeking after.

So our response would be to seek after God not just through the Christmas season but through the whole year. It is hard to seek him and sometime we feel that life it too busy too but we need to seek Christ first in our lives. I know that as a mother it is hard to seek him because I feel like my kids run my life right now but I do love the quite moments either at nap time or bed time where I get to focus on God. I hope that this year I can do my best to seek him first (not always so hot at this). How will I seek him? Through worship, prayer, bible reading, refelctions, ect ect. Not all of these all the time but there are may different ways to seek him.

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