Small Group Review

Okay so I have made it through my second small group meeting. And I just love these people! I just feel so welcome and connected. I have no fear of sharing my life with them. They still rock. Of course they still have their newness about them but I am sure that the more I grow with them the more I will love them. God truely knows what he is doing.

This week we started looking at our study that we are going to do on a book called ‘The Insider’ We had a really nice talk about what groups we belong to and what Non-Christian people we know and people that we are praying specifly for to follow Christ. Rob did a great job leading the group and keeping up focused on the task.  We even started almost on time and we did end very close to 8:30. Chad also did an awesome job playing the guitar and singing praise songs since it was the first time it had ever been done in our group.

I am bummed about not being able to meet untill New Years Eve oh well. If any of you (Anjali this means you!) read my blog please feel free to comment at any time.

One other thing that I am glad to have the group for is that they are very resourceful group. There are so many of they that are from all walks of life and have experince tons of things from adoption to autism to job changes to family to bad chruch experinces ect. I think too that Chris and I will have a lot to offer them too from the many place that we have been.

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