Yesterday (1/24/08) my Grandpa had open heart surgery. It was just suppose to be a single bypass but ended up being a triple bypass with them also fixed a blocked carotid artery in his neck. The surgery went fine and he is doing great. He told everyone at 8pm last night that he was ready to go home. I think it will be harder for him at home since he is such a busy man and he will have to take it easy at home while he recovers. Lucky for him the surgeon that did his surgery was the same one that did his brother’s surgery not to long ago and he is doing well. Please continue to pray for him as he recovers that he makes sure that he tells someone if something is wrong. I am looking forward to being able to see him soon, just not sure how soon that will be.

I had a hard time sleeping durning the day because I was thinking about him and waiting for updates. Hopefully today will be different when I got home this morning. Well That is it for now off to finish some of my education requirements for work. Peace.

Dentist Visit- Dr. Helmer’s Review.

Today I finally after SEVERAL years of not seeing a dentist went to Dr. Helmers. I hate the dentist and was terrified that I would have to be in the chair FOREVER, however that was not the case. I spent less the an hour in the chair. Dr. Helmer’s was awesome! He is the one who cleaned and flossed my teeth. He was very gentle and easy going. He made sure I was doing okay all through the cleaning. Ephriam goes on Monday to see him so we talked about how he would do with him and his first visit is just for him to get to know the office and the interments that he will use. I think that he will do great with him and that Ephriam will not have any problems.

Well I did find out that I need to floss better and that I will need to have my wisdom teeth removed. I need to get that done in the near future so that I won’t have any complications from it. He is sending me to the group that has removed most of Chris’ families wisdom teeth so I am sure that they will do fine when I go and see them.

 Well I need to get going work awaits. More later.

Weekend Review!

Here is the short story of our weekend!

Friday: Small Group

We had a great time at small group. I really love seeing eveyone and look forward to every time we meet. So far the only thing that I don’t like is that we don’t do like a prayer request list. I really feel like we could be praying more specifically for each other with it but you know it is a minor detail that could probably be worked out later. I love how open everyone is and how excepted we feel with them. I am also liking the study that we are doing too. I think it is a good first study for us to be in with them. It is a pretty easy read so far so that is nice too. I look forward to Saturday nights to see Penny working with the kids. She is so good at it and the kids just light her up. Even most of the kids she works with light up!

Saturday: Home and Church

Kendra didn’t want to nap so she cried for a couple of hours while we tried to get somethings done around the house. Then we got the kids up, had dinner, and went to church. It was very nice day. We put the kids to bed and watched Spiderman 3. I fell asleep through part of it because the action just wasn’t coming at me fast enough. I watched the end of the movie and went to bed.

Sunday: Lifechurch, Tony and the Walkers

Sunday the kids and I played while Chris slept in a little then I got him up by playing Life Church on the Internet. Then we rewatched Lifechurch because the kids were restless through Craig’s sermon and we didn’t get to pay attention that great. After that Chris and I hung out and listened to Kendra cry through nap time again. Then we got the kids up, fed them dinner and went out to meet Chris’ friend Tony from So. Cal. Then we head to Chris’ parents so that his mom could have a kid fix. It was a very nice visit but the kids were exhausted. When I got home one of the girls from work called and asked me if I would like to come in that night vs. Monday night since the other girl I worked with called in sick. So I did an got some sleep on Monday.

Monday: MLK Day

I got to sleep till noon while Chris watched the kids and then him and I put away Christmas while Ephriam napped and Kendra cried and talked to herself. Then we all just hung out at home and played. It was a very nice night with the kids. They were pretty well behaved but very tired from the no nap and all that. They did settle down to sleep quickly.

So there you have it! My weekend in Review. Stay in tune next week for all the fun of our get togethers with our family and friends that we haven’t seen in a while.

Evaluation Week!

The next week Ephriam went through several evalutaions for school. Almost everyday we had something to do to get him ready for it. One evaluation after another along with meeting with people from Head Start. We get the results from all of this on Feb 1. I am just glad that we got things moving with him and that he will be where he needs to be and to get him help finally. So between Evaluations we stayed at home and just enjoyed being together.

I will miss my little man with him going to school but I know it is what he needs and will love seeing his progress. Kendra I think will miss him the most. She calls for him now if she is awake before he in the morning or after their nap. She will sure like the one on one attention that she will get while he is gone though. It will be fun to play with her and look at books and anticipate going to get him.

Keep with with their blog for more posts and the results of the City School findings on Feb 1st.

Looney Christmas

So on Jan 11-13 my family and I meet in Louisville to do Christmas together. I think it is the best Christmas that we have had since my parents moved to Nashville and I moved to Cincinnati area. We got to spend a lot of time socializing and hanging out. I know that my brother wished that we would have done something but really the rest of us enjoy relaxing. We tried to go swimming but the water was freezing cold so that didn’t last long. Kendra would only get her feet wet yet Ephriam loves the water so he got in but not off the steps. Thank God for that so that I didn’t have to get in the water with him. I got lots of nice things and am looking forward to wearing my new outfit that my parents got me when it isn’t 20 below outside. I wear my necklace with my kids’ names on it all the time. Kendra really likes looking at it and holding it in her hand. I wore my PJ’s the week after and loved them. I will wear them all the time once they are washed. Chris got a wheelbarrow, Dave Ramsey’s Money Makeover Book, and a nice shirt for work. My brothe did a great job on us too of course he got a lot of stuff  for us when he was at the Notre Dame Football game in October. I got my I bleed Blue and Gold shirt and love it along with some nice bath stuff to relax with. Chris of course got his stupid movies. He can always count on my brother for that one and his jump drive that looks like a poker chip. So we had a great one. We all agreed to meet back there next year!

Catch up!

Well I have been keeping up with the kids’s blog but I haven’t spent much of any time on mine. So I will be trying to get things caught up tonight while I am at work in my down time.

Things have settled down with all the stuff with Ephriam and that has been nice. Feb 1st we meet with the City School District to go over all of what Ephriam needs to get caught up with all the other kids and then we will trug on from there. Hopefully we can get things all in place that day and get him going the following week in school. I know he will do so much better when he is around kids his age all the time. I think he will be more talkitive and do more things.

We have taken away the pacifier from Kendra and we have a few bad days but things have settled down and she has found other ways to confort herself to go to sleep. It was a little hard for me since we took it away from her and she didn’t give it up like Ephriam did. I kinda felt like I was loosing my baby, but she has found more confort in cuddling with me during the day at night is loving her nite nite blankey and Elmo.

Chris is the same old same old I guess, Of course you can check out his blog here to get more info and updates on his tech stuff that I pretend I am really interested in.

So far this week has been nice and easy and not a run around one. This up coming weekend is a big one because we will see people we haven’t seen in a while. More on that Later.

Phone Calls

Yesterday (1/10/08) was a good day for me.  I got a couple of unexpected phone calls from some wonderful women in my life. The first being my cousin Melissa who lives in Vermont. I was sleeping when she called and tried to call her back only then to miss her calling me back. So I didn’t get to talk to her but enjoyed that she though of me and I hope that later today I will be able to get a hold of her.

The second phone call was from a wonderful mentor of mine Angy. I used to babysit for her kid who were 3,1, and unthought of when I started whatching them. They are now 14, 12, and 6. Angy reminded me of all the things that she has gone through as a mother with her children and how things are now. She encouraged me to fight the good fight for Ephriam so that in the long term I will see the great results. Not to say that other family and friends haven’t told me this but it is different coming from her. I get a new rush of energy and spiritual renewal. I think that God really wanted her to call me to help me through this rough time with Ephriam. I think that she really feels for me and will be praying hard for us through all this. I will keep her as posted as I can and I can’t wait to be able to see them again.

So Thank you God for such special women in my life that has brought a bit of Sunshine to a cloudy day. Please continue to allow these women to remain such a special part of my life and also bless those women who will in the future hold a special place too. Continue to guide each one of us through the good times and the difficult and allow us to spur one another on.  Thank you so much for all the Glory that you give. Amen.

More Frustrations…

Okay so I am trying to get Ephriam all set for Preschool or Head Start. I have the City Schools coming in on Monday to do their evaluation on him and then we go on Wed. to Head Start. We don’t know if he will qualify for Head Start or not since it is usually used by low income families but because of his special needs they may allow him into their program. I have a lot of other paper work things to get for him for Head Start where as I don’t think that I need anything for him to go to the City School district. So once I know more on that I will keep you posted.

My next battle has been getting him into a denitist. Either they aren’t accepting new patients at this time or he is too young to see them. I go a name from my sister in law for one to try to call but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

So after being on the phone on Tuesday from noon till 3 pm dealing with school and dentist, I was spent. I am looking forward to this weekend being able to be with my family and just enjoy. It will be a great time for all of us, even if my brother is grumpy!

Then I will come back and on Monday  try to get more of the wrinkles straightened out. I am hoping by the end of next week to know where Ephriam will be going to Preschool, how often, and when he will start or I will have more stories on more fires that I need to fight for him. In the end I know he will end up where he needs to be with the best help for him. It just get frustrating. You can check out the kid’s blog to find out more on his progress through his therapies and where we are headed with that.

For now I have some work to do.

Need More Sleep

This week has been a little rough with Ephriam being up so late at night and missing out on naps. On the 1/2 he looked really sick when he got out of bed in the morning. He hasn’t really eaten much or slept much. Just been playing, playing, playing, and playing. Mostly due to the medicine that he was taking. Now that we are back on track hopefully we will get caught up on sleep. I hope tha Chris had an easy night with him since I am at work and he is at home with him. I hope that his cough medicine helped him along through the night. Today we won’t be going anywhere, especially since it is cold, but I think I will have some good play time with the kids and will get a chance to bake some good cupcakes for a party on Saturday. Hoping to have a good relaxing weekend. I am mostly looking forward to next weekend to have Christmas with my family. I hope that Chris and I blow there soxs of for what we have planned. For now I should get back to work. Will hopefully get to post more on the weekend on Sunday or Monday. Nite.

2007 Recap!

This year was great since I was able to finish breastfeeding  Kendra and not get pregnant. Praise the Lord for that one. Even though there have been some trials this year (lack of sleep, Ephriam’s therapies, church changes, ect.) I really feel that God has blessed us with a better understanding of things. God has given me more sleep now then I sometimes know what to do with.  I have a better grasp on what to expect with Ephriam no matter what the outcome of all this is. Being a mother is hard work, there are lots of emotions involved in all that we do. I have been enjoying the little defeats in life with him. See day by day progress of all of our work with him. He has truly been a gift from God and I will treasure him always no matter what his needs are. Our Change is churches was more then we ever could have imagined that we needed. Sometimes I wonder if the “newness” is ever going to wear off. God has really swept me off my feet and lead me to have a heart full of love again. I will continue to pray for everyone at Park Ave UMC. I know that God is really blessing you as a church and we are glad to watch you blossom with Pastor Barbara. Know that you as friends of our will be close to our hearts and we want to keep in touch with you. Thank you so much for all your love and support for us in our ministry time there. We rounded out the year with a 3rd Birthday celebration for Ephriam. What a great 3 years it has been with him and I am sure there will be plenty more to come. 2008 has already come in like a lion… (dealing with the lack of sleep for the past week due to sick children) but it is a year filled with promises as we move forward in life. May God’s Grace be with us through out the year and may we follow his light. Looking forward to a wonderful year with many more new beginnings.