Catch up!

Well I have been keeping up with the kids’s blog but I haven’t spent much of any time on mine. So I will be trying to get things caught up tonight while I am at work in my down time.

Things have settled down with all the stuff with Ephriam and that has been nice. Feb 1st we meet with the City School District to go over all of what Ephriam needs to get caught up with all the other kids and then we will trug on from there. Hopefully we can get things all in place that day and get him going the following week in school. I know he will do so much better when he is around kids his age all the time. I think he will be more talkitive and do more things.

We have taken away the pacifier from Kendra and we have a few bad days but things have settled down and she has found other ways to confort herself to go to sleep. It was a little hard for me since we took it away from her and she didn’t give it up like Ephriam did. I kinda felt like I was loosing my baby, but she has found more confort in cuddling with me during the day at night is loving her nite nite blankey and Elmo.

Chris is the same old same old I guess, Of course you can check out his blog here to get more info and updates on his tech stuff that I pretend I am really interested in.

So far this week has been nice and easy and not a run around one. This up coming weekend is a big one because we will see people we haven’t seen in a while. More on that Later.

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