Need More Sleep

This week has been a little rough with Ephriam being up so late at night and missing out on naps. On the 1/2 he looked really sick when he got out of bed in the morning. He hasn’t really eaten much or slept much. Just been playing, playing, playing, and playing. Mostly due to the medicine that he was taking. Now that we are back on track hopefully we will get caught up on sleep. I hope tha Chris had an easy night with him since I am at work and he is at home with him. I hope that his cough medicine helped him along through the night. Today we won’t be going anywhere, especially since it is cold, but I think I will have some good play time with the kids and will get a chance to bake some good cupcakes for a party on Saturday. Hoping to have a good relaxing weekend. I am mostly looking forward to next weekend to have Christmas with my family. I hope that Chris and I blow there soxs of for what we have planned. For now I should get back to work. Will hopefully get to post more on the weekend on Sunday or Monday. Nite.

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