Phone Calls

Yesterday (1/10/08) was a good day for me.  I got a couple of unexpected phone calls from some wonderful women in my life. The first being my cousin Melissa who lives in Vermont. I was sleeping when she called and tried to call her back only then to miss her calling me back. So I didn’t get to talk to her but enjoyed that she though of me and I hope that later today I will be able to get a hold of her.

The second phone call was from a wonderful mentor of mine Angy. I used to babysit for her kid who were 3,1, and unthought of when I started whatching them. They are now 14, 12, and 6. Angy reminded me of all the things that she has gone through as a mother with her children and how things are now. She encouraged me to fight the good fight for Ephriam so that in the long term I will see the great results. Not to say that other family and friends haven’t told me this but it is different coming from her. I get a new rush of energy and spiritual renewal. I think that God really wanted her to call me to help me through this rough time with Ephriam. I think that she really feels for me and will be praying hard for us through all this. I will keep her as posted as I can and I can’t wait to be able to see them again.

So Thank you God for such special women in my life that has brought a bit of Sunshine to a cloudy day. Please continue to allow these women to remain such a special part of my life and also bless those women who will in the future hold a special place too. Continue to guide each one of us through the good times and the difficult and allow us to spur one another on.  Thank you so much for all the Glory that you give. Amen.

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