Life in HD

No this isn’t about TV or Television at all. This was the title of the women’s community event that was held this past Saturday. It was really great event and I was glad that I went.  It really started out that I was going to go scrapbooking but then this opportunity came about and I was glad that I picked it over scrapbooking.

I got up at 0730 to get ready to go. I had to leave the house by 0800 to make it to church by 0830. I did and since things didn’t start till 0900 I decieded to jam with the Newsboys a little longer before going in.

Once I got in I didn’t know a soul in the room. Which was kinda nice to get to meet other people but I did see Anjali from small group come in and we spend the day going to semiars together.

First we went to Bionic Woman, which talked about women of the Bible. I didn’t take away a whole lot from that one because she talked about women who where familiar to me. I did get that I need to slow down and sit at Jesus’ feet every day and just slow down and listen to him.

Next we went to a seminar called the True Heavenly Story. ( Are you picking up on the TV show name?) We learned about what heaven was going to look like and what we would be like in heaven. She gave me a much different picture then I had before.

Our last seminar of the day was the Power of HD. This was the best one yet that we went to. We learned about how to get the Holy Spirit moving in us and how to ask God to use us everyday. Dana, the speaker, asked a couple of her friends if they could pray for us if we wanted it. I was so moved by all the things that Dana talked about that I felt I really needed to be prayed for. God told me  A LOT though her. I am thankful that I have the dream to be a nurse and to use my hands to help people who need it. God told me that I have a lot of power in my hands and that I can help to heal others. Dana told me to pray over Ephriam and anoint him with oil often. I totally felt moved by this and have been asking God to help me move forward with this. I really think that God told me that I have the power of healing. So my prayer people, Please pray that I use my Gift that God has given me and that he helps me to step out in Faith to help other people that I don’t know.

You know that God was moving there because there were many women who were crying when there were done or throught the whole program. Remember that the Vineyard only does things if God shows up and I tell you that I know he did for many women that day.

Past weekend wrap up

This past weekend was a really good one. I really enjoyed small group and can’t wait to be the host family next time. I was bummed that there weren’t more women there but it was nice to see the guys too.

Saturday was an adventure all of its own. I spent the day at church with the women. It was a nice event that I will post more about in my next post. Church was a lot of fun too. I really enjoyed playing with the kids and giving all of them back to their parents. Even though I had a few fussy kids it didn’t bother me. The kids really seemed to like me and play with me. I just hope that next time Kendra doesn’t expect me to be in her room the whole time. I was glad that Penny put her out on the buggy with the other kids so that way I could hold the fussier kids and not have her get jealous of it. I did  get to hear Joe’s message off the Vineyard’s website so that was nice too. Chris also enjoyed watching him preach again so that was nice.

Sunday was a nice day at home. I really feel like we got a lot done in the basement and am ready to tackle more projects soon. We got to eat dinner at Chris’ parent’s house and that was nice since we haven’t done that in a long time. Chris’ mom and I got to talk about Chris’ birthday turkey fry coming up along with our trip to Brown County. We are looking forward to get together with all of Chris’ family then. It has been a long time since they have all seen us and some of them have not ever seen Kendra other then in pictures.

So that has been the weekend. Now I am praying I make it through this week. Thursday will be especially hard on me but we will make it through.

Grandpa Update

My grandpa is still doing well but is starting to get stir crazy. He is used to being outside  A LOT  but since it isn’t warm enough out he has to stay inside and it is killing him! I hope that it warms up soon for him so that he can at least go outside for a walk by himself. He also has to rely on my grandmother to drive him which is also driving him crazy. He probably feels like he can’t do anything on his own anymore.  So I hope that he heals quickly so that he can have some more independance.

Keeping up with the kids…

Okay so I am trying to keep up with my children and a lot of what I have done the past couple of weeks has been about them.  So if you aren’t keeping up with them here is what I have been working on: Kid’s Blog.

A lot has to do with Ephriam going to school and the progress we are making with that. So life is good getting much better with that so far.

 I am not as frustrated with all the things going on with him and have found a piece in all the success that we have had. Some days are still challenging but everything is getting better with him.

Kendra is keeping me on my toes. She is into everything! I feel like somedays all I do is tell her no. Soon enough she will be doing great on her own and I won’t  hopefully have to tell her that as much.

Both of them keep things sweet and loveable with all their hugs and kisses. Daily gentle reminders as to how much I love being a mom and would miss them terribly if they weren’t apart of our lives.

Behind again

Okay so it isn’t so easy to keep up with writing 2 blogs. I have done a really great job at keeping the Kid’s up to date but not such a great job with mind. I will try to get things caught up in a nut shell again and try to keep up. I need to post to mine at commercial breaks durning American Idol (okay is has only taken me 7 seasons to actually watch this much of it. It is kind of exciting.)  So I am sorry for the delays in keeping you up to date.

Grandpa Update

I just also wanted to let you know that my Grandpa is doing  great. He is at home and is trying to follow the Dr. orders as much as possible. He says that he is still not sleeping really well but he may need a little more time before that happens. I am glad that he had the sugery and will be around a lot longer. I hope that he will be around to watch my kids grow up. He is such a great man and I am glad he is doing so well. I can’t wait to see him and kiss his face off but I don’t know when I will be able to make that trip for now weekly checks on him is just fine.

This week

This week has been pretty normal except for the fact that I got called off of work on Monday so I got an extra night at home. I really feel like I got a lot done around the house and would like to see my house stay this way but with 2 small children you never know mess is going to happen next. This weekend we don’t have much to do so hopefully we can get some more oragizational stuff done around the house. Next weekend I am going to a women’s thing at church and am looking forward to it and the break from being mommy and wifey. It will be nice to maybe have a few quite moments with God too. Lord knows there are not too many quite times around our house due to my 2 little monkeys! OH, we do have Ephriam’s preschool meeting that was rescheduled for this Friday. I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling with him and seeing him excel. He is a super smart kid and I can’t wait to see it all come out.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday I got up with the kid and got them going while I let Chris sleep in. At 10 I tried to wake him up and then called my parents so that the kids could talk to them since they hadn’t talk to them in a while. Then I went back around 11 to see how Chris was doing and he was sawing logs. So I got him up and going so that we could get our toy project going. He watched the kids while they ate lunch and cleared out Ephriam’s room of the toys so that we could go through them. We spent the rest of the day till we needed to get ready for church wiping down toys. After we got back from church we finished up all but a few toys and while watching Pitch Black. I thought it was stupid and was glad to be doing something else besides watching the movie but Chris was involved with the movie.

The next morning we got up and finished up the toy project before the kids’ naps and then prepared for our super small Super Bowl party. It was just Chris, Mark, and myself watching the Super Bowl while eating wings, fries, and skyline dip. None of us had a place to go this year to watch the Super Bowl since the past several years we went to the Pastor’s house to watch it. We did get invited to the Small Group party but we had already had plans with Mark to come to our house and the kids’ were sick. Maybe next year we will have a place to go and the kids won’t be sick. It was fun to watch the Giants win and play well while I was awake and not sleeping.


The rest of the week was pretty normal till Thursday night. The kids did their normal thing but then ended up at that Chris ended up being up half the night with Ephriam because he kept throwing up. I got home and Kendra heard me so she was ready to go. Chris got her up and Ephriam was up shortly after. Ephriam ended up pooping and Chris went to change him but he started to get sick again. Chris couldn’t handle the smell of it and was going to get sick himself so only after about an hour of sleep he came and got me to help him while he went downstair to get sick. I took care of the poop and the puke and sprayed some air freshner before Chris came back up. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep because Kendra saw that I was up and she wouldn’t let me go back to bed. So I was up and then tried to get ready to go the meeting to see about Ephriam going to Preschool with the City Schools but they ended up rescheduling because the school was on lockdown due to the escaped prisioner. So Chris went out to get lunch at McD’s for him and I while the kids ate knox blocks, toast, and Kool-Aid for lunch. Once lunch was over we all laid down for a nap. Chris only slept for about an hour, Kendra for 2, and Ephriam and I for 4. We ended up having just a light dinner at home and then went to our night time routine. Chris and I tried to watch a movie but at 9:30 I was out cold. Chris woke me up at 10:30 and told me to go to bed because the kids were all asleep and that he wouldn’t be too far behind me. I was glad to get some sleep and Ephriam slept well through the night and we all needed it.