Easter Weekend

Okay so my weekend didn’t go as planned. No one plans on spending there night with a sick kid in the ER. Let alone 2 nights. Then only to have your other child get a virus and be sick the next night. So that sums up my Easter weekend. One sick kid after another.

It didn’t even seem like it was Easter weekend. There wasn’t any excitment in our house about the Easter Bunny coming or anything like that just because we were all to tired to be. That is just fine though we did enjoy the moments when we were all feeling okay. It was nice to watch the kids open there baskets and to see them get excited over there new toys that they got. They mostly enjoyed there Starburst Jelly beans out of their candy though.

On Sunday while Chris and Ephriam were at Grandma and Grandpa’s house Kendra and I had a nice girls night in. We ate a picnic dinner in the living room while watching the Little Mermaid. We had mac and cheese and strawberries since she didn’t really have a big appitate after all the weekend excitement with her. Then she got to take a bath by herself which doesn’t hardly ever happen since it is easier to bathe her and Ephriam together. Then she got to stay up a little later to see Daddy and Ephriam when they came home.

After they got home and Ephriam got sick I just didn’t think that I was ever going to get some good rest but did the next night when I went to bed at 10 and the kids slept in till 9. But now we are back on track and we won’t ever let Satan get us down with a sickness.

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  1. I haven’t gotten a chance to let you know (since I am having sick kid issues myself), but our thoughts and prayers have been with you and especially Kendra since Friday evening hearing about her beind sick and all you went thru. I didn’t sleep well friday night and I prayed and prayed each time I woke up (which was alot!) and was overjoyed when I saw the update that the bloodwork probably was contaminated and not the real deal. It brought back that day we had to take Luke to the ER at Children’s with them taking blood, iv’s and spinal tap and how hard he cried and how hard that was for us and how hard that must have been for you by yourself. If you ever need us to take one of the kids for you if something happens to one of the others, call us day or night. Missed you on Easter!

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