Today the only IKEA in Ohio opened. It was a made dash for everyone to make it into the store. There were  cars everywhere. It took us an hour to get into the parking lot so I only had 30 minutes to look around in the store. Kendra was a little trooper with me. She enjoyed being in the car and then being in the stroller. She did get a little hot in the car on the way in and got a little car sick but nothing too bad. We got some new silverware for her and Ephriam and some new cups that only cost 4 dollars for 6 sets of them. I wish that I had more time to look around at things. Chris is going to love it when he can get  in there. There are tons of kitchen gadgets and storage units and all types of stuff. It will be much easier with the kids to go when it is not crowded but I can’t wait to go back. The IKEA staff were very patient and understanding and there were lots of them looking to help people out. Next time I will know that I will need all day to go looking at things and to take Chris with me. Well now Kendra is up from her very long nap (over 3 hours!) so I am going to get her. Will blog more tonight about today’s happenings and upcoming events.

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