Small Group

I know that I have said like a thousand times that our small group rocks! And you say yeah I get it. But I really don’t think that you do get it. You see our previous church would have said oh I am sorry that it happened to you but I don’t think that anyone would have drove out of their way to visit Kendra and I in the ER on Saturday night. Once word spread like wildfire that Kendra and I were there there were tons of prayers for her going out. Not to mention that in the hardest part of the trip (the IV stick and blood work draw) that Tres showed up to pray with us and over Kendra. I think that had I not been so wrapped up in Kendra that when I saw him I could have cried. Praise God for such wonderful earthly angels.

So to all of prayer warriors out there, especially our small group, THANK YOU from the bottoms of our hearts. You are  truly wonderful people in our lives and we are glad to have you in them.

Mostly Thank you God for such wonderful earthly family you have given us for they hold a special place in our heart. You are a truly awesome God who gives us what we need when we need it. You are forever with out failure. Thank you for loving us the way you do despite all the things we do to hurt you. Thank you for Taking your only Son and having him lay down his life to save ours. Nothing compares to the love you give father in heaven.

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