One more day

I only have one more day before I have surgery. Nothing major just wisdom teeth or so I hope. I am hoping for a nice recovery and to be at Church on Saturday night. Of course the surgeon doesn’t seem to think that will be the case but I am hoping for it. I know that I am going to be in pain and that it is going to hurt. I am prepared for that since I am having surgery. I hope that I can follow his instructions fine while I am at home and not have any complications from the surgery. I am not nervous at all but probably will be when they start my IV to put me out.

So since I won’t be able to eat really food for a while tonight we are having steak on the grill. Maybe a late dinner but a darn good one if you ask me.

I don’t know when I will post after surgery but I will as soon as I can.

Recovering from Tuesday

Well what more to say then it was crazy. Of course I set my alarm for the wrong time and got up late but with the help of my father-in-law I got Kendra ready and a diaper bag and was out the door 5 minutes late. After an hour drive on direction to therapy 2 hours of therapy and an hour drive back home I was exhausted. I let the kids watch Nemo while I laid on the couch for a while. Of course with a 3 year old and a 20 month it wasn’t always relaxing while they were climbing all over me but at least I got some rest. Then to cook dinner and head back out the door for work.

Needless to say that when Wednesday morning rolled around I was ready for my bed. Glad to get some sleep before having to come back to work.

The good news of Tuesday was how much progress Ephriam has been making. I am so glad to hear everyone say how well he is doing and how much they ar glad he is getting on track with the other kids. Makes missing sleep well worth it.


Today will be a busy day and night for me. I will only get 3 hours of sleep before running Ephriam to therapy and coming home to cook dinner and come back to work. Hoping to maybe sneek in a short nap before returning to work but who knows if I will be able to. I will be ready to go to bed on Wednesday morning for sure. So pray for more sleep for me till then.

Sunday and Monday

We didn’t do a whole lot. We did take the cars to get an oil change and let the kids play in Walmart while we waited for them to be done. Got some great gift ideas for Kendra for her birthday that she will be having soon. I just can’t believe that she will be 2 in less then 4 months! Then we headed home for naps and lunch.

We then had a great time outside in the warm weather. We got out the kid’s play house that was given to us by one of my friends since her kids don’t use it anymore. The kids love playing in their house. I thought that Ephriam wouldn’t get in since last year he refused but he did and even asked today if he could go out and play in the house.

We have even had some great weather for them to be outside running and playing in. They love being outside and the fresh air has helped them with their colds a bit too. They have enjoyed playing basketball, baseball, and kicking the ball around the yard. They also enjoyed some down time playing with the sidewalk chalk on the patio. I am hoping to put up some pictures of them from Sunday soon but we will see.


Saturday was a good day. I got a lot of stuff done or so I felt that I did. I was able to go to the grocery store and get almost all the stuff that we need for the next couple of weeks. We still have a Sams trip to make but won’t make that till later this week.

After I got home from that the kids got up and we started getting ready for church. It was really nice to sit in church and not be in the nursery. Not that I don’t like being in the nursery but it is nice to be with other people for worship. So at least for the next few weeks I will be able to go and not do nursery.  Once church was over we went and toured the new Student Union that we built on our campus. It is totally sweet and set up nice so that the middle schoolers are seperate from the High schoolers. Our kids liked the video games and didn’t want to leave. There is a nice size b-ball court in the middle for them to play with too. Also plenty of good technology in their big gathering rooms too. Can’t wait to see how it grows and develops over the next 10 years when our kids get to go there for services.

Then on to home and watch Harry Potter for the first time. It was pretty interesting to watch. Not anything my kids are ready for and maybe a fad by the time they get there but I think that it was entertaining. All most movie are used for anyway and of course we will be sure to make sure that when the time comes that our childern understand that.

Comatose Tour!

On Friday we got to rock it out with Decyfer Down, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Skillet. It was totally awesome. The only disadvantage is that the stage at the Avenue is low so I missed seeing most of the show. I didn’t see much of anything with Decyfer Down. I did get to see lots of Trevor the lead singer from TFK when they played and a few shots of the guitar play on our side of the stage when he stood up on the box to play for a few. I got to see the most of Skillet but was disappointed that I didn’t get to see anything but Kori’s head. She totally rocks and I love getting to see her play. I did get to see more of Ben though then I usually do when we see them play. I paid a lot of attention to Jen since it was the first time I got to see her play since she joined the band. I really enjoyed her coming off the drum set and singing though. Wish she would have done it more. So here are a few of the good pictures that Chris took while we were there.

Decyfer Down

Trevor from Thousand Foot Krutch

John Cooper and his bass from Skillet

John and Ben from Skillet.

Less than 48 hours

So the count down to Skillet begins! I can’t wait to see them! I am sure that they are going to totally rawk our faces off on Friday night. This will be the first time that we see the new drummer Jen since Lori left. I am sure that she is going to do awesome too. I love the chick drummers because it takes so much talent to play the drums the way they do. I also love watching Kori rawk it out too. She is so talented playing  many interments almost all at the same time.

I am also really looking forward to seeing Thousand Foot Krutch (aka TFK) for the first time. Have missed them at Ichthus the couple years that I went however we taught Ephriam to throw up his rawk fist. Quit cute to see a 2 year old do.

Lastly but probably firstly we will see Decyfer Down. Really liked them when we saw them with Family Force so I am sure that they will put on another great preformance.

So I am ready for the concerts and to have a night out with my husband with out the kids. I am sure that they will have a great time with Grandma though and that she will spoil them rotten!


Well I didn’t think that Rameile (sp?) would last much longer in the compition. She really wasn’t preforming all that well and didn’t seem to have the extra push that the rest of them did. Of course I was hoping to see Kristy Lee Cook go, maybe next week. Couldn’t believe though that Brooke was in the bottom three. I really felt like she did an awesome job on her preformace and looked really confortable being up there. We will see what happens next week.

Tell Me Thursday

Okay so now I get to tell you about the picture for Wordless Wednesday…

Here Ephriam and Kendra were playing around in their diapers as we waited for our boiled water to cool down so they could be bathed. They were bouncing around on Ephriam’s bed playing. Kendra ended up laying down on the bed and Ephriam put his head down to kiss her. One of the very few seconds of love that they show for each other. It is one of my favorite pictures of them together.