Beautiful Girl..

This is for my daughter Kendra who will be 2 in July.

As I have watched her grow the past couple of years she has brought beauty and understanding in my life. For she is looking more and more like me everyday and I hope that her attitude is not mine but will deal with that as it comes. She is such a beautiful girl and getting more beautiful everyday. She is still the hearts of the men in her life with her sweet smile and the little tilt of her head. She is beautiful. It makes me think of how pretty I was growing up. Even behind the the dirt from the sandbox or the even the dirt of the softball team. I am pretty and was pretty then. How I wish that kids weren’t so cruel and taken some of my beauty away from me and made me feel ugly. Oh how I want to protect her from that. I want her all her life to know that she is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t want mean kids to take that from her. I want her know that she is the prettiest girl that her dad and I have laid eyes on and she will forever be. I hope that as she grows and (hopefully) God’s love grows with her that she will remember how beautiful she is. No matter what her hair looks like or how she dresses she is one beautiful girl. Here is a video of how I want her to remember herself always as one beautiful girl.


Okay so some of you probably think that I am lost somewhere… well the truth is that I am lost in the month of May. May is a VERY busy month for us and we are about ready to reach the point where it is over. Only a couple more event to go! I am looking forward to being able to do things around our house and working in the yard since the kids have really enjoyed being outside.

I need to get my tomatoe plant the my newphews and niece gave me for mother’s day in the ground. It is doing quite well in the window right now soaking up the sun but by the end of summer it could be 6-8 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I also would like to get some flowers to go in my back flower bed since right now there is just my rose bush and other plant that I can’t remember the name of back there. They are both get yellow flowers on them so I need to pick something that will go with the yellow. I had purple putnias (sp?) last year that spread like wild fire so if I do them again I need to not put as many back there. I tried some geraniums but they did do so hot so I will have to see what else I can do.

I am really looking forward to having Ephriam at home this summer. I really have missed him while he is in school. It will be different when the both of them are in school together and the house is much quiter but for now I miss the time with Ephriam at home. I can’t wait to be his ‘teacher’ again and see his progress from the things that I am doing with him but I know that all the help he is getting from school with his teachers, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Barnagain, and his therapist Tracy and Beth that he has come as far as he has. I just want to make sure that he keeps on the right path. I am glad that they have send home things for me to work on with him this summer and am hoping to keep him at least where his is now if not further. I am looking forward to taking him swimming, to the zoo, the park and to other places on my days off. As long as my schedule continues to be 3 days in a row with long streaches off I will be able to do more with them. If not they will have to settle for short trips to place like the library for story time.

I however will miss my one on one time with Kendra. She is moslty plesant at this time and loves to help me do things around the house. I think it is because she doesn’t feel like she has to fight for attention since Ephriam is not at home. Maybe too it is because she is my morning child. We will see how things go this summer it may be the the same even with Ephriam at home.

Well I can’t think of much else to tell you right now because I am getting sleepy so it is time for a cup of coffee because I need to stay awake till I get home after 7.


 I am kind of disappointed that small group got cancelled for this week mostly because I rearrange my work schedule so I can be there and now I won’t be able to go again till June because the schedule lady is on vacation till next Monday and it will be too late to change it then. Hoping though that Chris will have a good time with the kids and enjoy the company of our small group.

I am however doing a pretty good job of staying on task with my quite times lately. (I know I am going to say  it and it is going to go down the drain.) I have enjoy having 30 minutes of uninteruppted time to myself to focus on God. It has been really good for me. I just wish that I could get in under control on the weekends because that is when I seem to do not so hot. Chris and I are working on a game plan to get us there. Of course it doesn’t help when we run all weekend or that we haven’t seen each other enough the past couple of days to talk about it. I am looking forward to this weekend and getting to hear more about Mother Theresa at church and the the following week to start our baggage series. I am sure that it will be great. For now I am going to try and find some coffee to keep me awake a little bit longer.


I am tired. I had a busy Tuesday with Ephriam having both therapies, working the night before and then having to be back at work that night on 3 hours of sleep. So I have 3.5 hours to go left at work and I am trying to stay awake. Trying to think of things that I need to get done at home and such to keep myself awake.

Sometimes I wish that I could call and talk to someone but at 3 in the morning no one wants a phone call to just chat. Such is life. Another part of my tired problem is that I have an extremely full belly. Tonight was our employee appreciation dinner so I had good food to eat and able to probably over fill my belly.

So basically I am tired and ready for bed but I have to be up at least another 3.5 hours. Hoping to make it to bed sooner then I did yestarday.

Busy Week or should I say Month?

This month feels like a marathon. We seem to be going from one event to the next all month long. We are looking forward to June where we get a break from the chaos and get to relax and maybe get some things done around out yard. Chris has some big projects that he would like to work on and for course there is always the maintance of the inside trying to keep up with that.

After this past weekend of eating and running from event to event the kitchen got lost. Actually it took me all morning Monday to get it in good shape so I hope it stays this way for the rest of the week since we will again be going from one event to another. Tuesday in therapy day, Wednesday is small group, Thursday is work, and Friday I think that we get to rest up for more running on Saturday. Hopefully after that our weeks can stay calm even though our weekends will be busy. I will keep you posted on the chaos.


This weekend in church Joe Boyd talked about us being together as a community,  pulling each other through things, and learning from one another. He told the story of the girls playing softball where the defense carried the girl who hit a home run over the fence but torn her ACL and wasn’t able to run all the bases. I watched the video on YouTube and it was fantastic sportsmenship of them to do that for her. Joe also took a look at a couple of stories in Mark and how the diciples learned from Jesus.

But the most memoriable thing for me on Sunday was communion. Not only did we take communion as a community at VCC but about that very same time Clare was recieving her first communion at a Catholic Church outside of Sunman, IN. Chris and I chose to not attended the mass for personal reason but were going out later in the day to have lunch and celebrate with Clare at her home. Little did we know what God had planned for us as a family to take communion at the same time and to bless us in such a special way.

So Clare, May 4, 2008 was a very special day and we were glad we could share in it. Thank you so much God for such blessings in our lives.

Still Alive

Yes I am still alive. I really haven’t gone anywhere just have had a lot going on.

Having my wisdom teeth pulled has not been a good adventure. I am still having some pain from the procedure along with a sinus infection. So I am taking a lot of pills right now. If I am still having pain on Friday I get to call the oral surgeon and see what maybe he can do for me. So we will see what happens from here.

After the wisdom teeth coming out I got to go to the Natural Bridge for a girls weekend. It was nice to get away and not be Mommy for a couple of days and to enjoy my mom, grandma, and aunts. That Sunday also was my Birthday but between being tired and hurting a lot it wasn’t much fun but I did get a nice homemade card from my kids and brownies for dessert at dinner.

Then we finally painted the dinning room. It looks tons better then it did but now the one wall that goes into the living room looks gross! But the living room is a much much bigger project so it will have to wait awhile to got done.

This past weekend was a busy one. My newphew had his 1st birthday party and my niece celebrated her first communion. Not to mention that I went to the Library book sale on Saturday morning and to church on Sunday. So needless to say we had a busy weekend.